Ancel working on a new Rayman ?

Livegen writes : "While many websites had related the rumor of a possible cancelling of Beyond Good & Evil 2 and Ancel leaving Ubisoft, the firm has made a statement denying all that stuff.

But the Facebook fan page learns us something bigger. It seems that Ancel is working on a new Rayman, still for Ubisoft but no more working at Ubisoft Montpellier..."

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SpoonyRedMage3119d ago

Could be, he did say he'd go back to Rayman after Rabbids Go Home was finished(Ubi Paris is apparently making a new Rabbids game though) and releasing Rayman on the DSiware says to me that the game is still in their mind.

lociefer3118d ago

if its anything like the great escape then itll be an AAAAAAAAAAA title

Redempteur3119d ago

Please don't uuse the rabbits anymore ...i'm tired i want rayman as a platforming game HOW HARD IS THAT ? Make it like rayman 2 but with graphics up to date ...

And please don't forget to work on BGE 2 .Even if BGE2 takes 5,6 years to be made i'll wait ..

-MD-3118d ago

A new Rayman would be pretty sweet.

MajestieBeast3118d ago

I would rather see beyond good and evil 2 then rayman.

Zerodin3118d ago

The only people who are saying this are little sad sacks who cry that the Raving Rabbids are so popular.

sonicsidewinder3117d ago

I dont understand how they are. All they do for me when i see them is remind me that Rayman's been forgotten. Well, at least not anymore.

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