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Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Pack price confirmed

Xbox's Major Nelson has confirmed that Modern Warfare 2's Resurgence Pack will cost 1200 Microsoft Points (£10.28 GBP/$15 USD) when it launches on Xbox Live next week. (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Xbox 360)

enkeixpress  +   1820d ago
Not buying it unless it drops in price.

I still haven't bought the Stimulus Map Pack for that very same reason. I will not be ripped off, thanks.
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Wanyal  +   1820d ago
Hear hear!
playstation_clan  +   1820d ago
another map another waste of 15 bucks
i wonder how many more are thy going to do, it'll cost as much as the game pretty soon
claterz  +   1820d ago
They will keep going untill all CoD4 maps are on Mw2 lol.
SixZeroFour  +   1819d ago
thats what i said in a different article...they will make $15 map packs for every 2 cod4 maps

my friend and i were playing bfbc2 yesterday, and he asked me why dont i get mw2...i told him that if i did now, i would basically be paying $110, even for the original version (unless i bought it used) cause in canada its 69.99 (last time i saw it) plus 19.90 for 1200ms x2 = about $40
dangert12  +   1820d ago
so the dlc and the games original price would make it £75? lol
i got my core xbox for £150 and ps3 for £180
its gettung a little silly imagine if the could price the bungie game £199 any 1
i remember when there was talks of a guitar hero system so activision got all the money no over consoles need etc...wastes
taktak  +   1819d ago
Its inevitabally the result of Consolisation.

People initially think they are getting a good deal with a cheap price to get a machine.

Later on they take away all your freedom.

Remember the days before COD ever made it to consoles. PC community used to mod the game with new maps etc.. stuff like new maps used to be free.

Now we have capitalism at its best milking the user with every chance they can get.
Mista T  +   1819d ago
mmm, how bout no :P
AAACE5  +   1819d ago
Another thing I won't be buying from them!
JustinSaneV2  +   1818d ago
I'm the same boat. I refuse to buy the map packs until they drop to at least $10.

By all rights I feel as though I should not even be paying for them as I grew up a PC gamer.
cobraagent  +   1820d ago
They haven't changed at all. Same price, same shitty dlc
DarkBlade  +   1820d ago
What happen to the damn spec ops mission dlc? If there were 3 spec op missions included in that map pack then i would see this Dlc as a "good buy" but 3 meh maps and 2 cod4 clones is not worth 15 dollar. I rather buy a Psn or xbla game with that money.
Brewski007  +   1820d ago
Bought the last one, played it a bit, didnt like it and found it really wasnt worth the money. Aint gonna buy this one. that'd be 30 bucks for 2 map packs its a rip off. should really only cost 10 each. They dont need to charge that much its just daylight robbery.
Capdastaro  +   1820d ago
I've already saved £10 not purchasing the first pack, I'd rather spend my money on some BC2 or RDR DLC.
Sameh  +   1820d ago
Wouldn't download it if it was free. Probably the worst online game I've ever played.
Claudinho69  +   1820d ago
1 of the best online game i ever played
cobraagent  +   1820d ago
i wouldn't download it either. I am not supporting Activision and i will never support them again.
Claudinho69  +   1820d ago
sharing it with 5 people
Karlnag3  +   1820d ago
shame on you for wishing such horrors upon others.
WorldCup2010  +   1820d ago
Its insane..
...how much they are going to rip off the consumer. Activison make great game, i enjoy MW2. It has mabye the most fun gameplay and most entertaining multiplayer (even do it is full of bugs), but still they have no passion for their consumers. They dont fix the things that are broken in MW2, they have released two DLC that almost is the same price as a full game, and they have a boss that is as likeable as Saddam.

They need to learn from Bungie, Naughty Dog that respects their consumers. Not tramp on them just beacuse they are full of money.
EliteAssassin81  +   1820d ago
it will probably set records on xbl again, I can't wait until black opps comes out so when can make mw2 a distant bad memory
cobraagent  +   1820d ago
you honestly think black ops will be different? They will charge you for 2 maps for 10$, mark my words
scar20  +   1819d ago
waw gave a few maps along wit a nazi zombie map which in my opinion was better than shitty mw2 maps but i still get them 4 free cant complain
trounbyfire  +   1820d ago
its going to be COD in modern time like 60's - 70'
have fun bring down the industry to all greed and no shame.
some companies care about us believe it or not
Brewski007  +   1820d ago
i love the bashing people are giving activision. "I'll never buy another activision game" blah blah. Just wait till black ops comes out or ANOTHER activision game down the line thats really popular... they'll all end up buying it. Most of those Words dont mean a thing.
DJKGBYF  +   1820d ago
lol may be the map packs are part of the reason they never released map tools for the PC version. Save at least $10 a pack and within a couple of days after launch all the original maps would have been in MW2.
trounbyfire  +   1820d ago
it you millions that brought the first
now they know they can do it and no one cars. just keep buying so the rest of use get screwed when games are $100 and dlc is $20.
YOU ARE TO BLAME... pathetic
N4GayFanturds  +   1820d ago
The only people who'll buy this BS
Are the same idiots who spend $60 p/yr on Madden for little unjustifiable improvements.

3 maps for $15!Man, I miss GRAW! Ubisoft gave you 5 maps, new weapons, new co-ops, etc for 400-800 pts.
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waterboy  +   1820d ago
its funny how jealous people are of how their favorite game
wouldnt sell as much as mw2s dlc even if it was one dollar, heck mw2 would sell more if your favorite games had free dlc lol
iamgoatman  +   1820d ago
Yeah, that's it, jealously.

mrv321  +   1820d ago
You sir are an idiot, of course MW2 would sell more it has MORE advertising behind it. Did you know Nintendogs out sold MW2, infact MW2 isn't even in the top ten best selling games of all time. Wii FFit has probably done double the sales. Wii Fit plus has probably done more sales also

Jealous? Of you? No.
waterboy  +   1819d ago
more advertising?
then whats halos excuse for not selling more than modern warfare 2? nintendo games should sell more than modern warfare 2 or anything call of duty period since nintendos been out for over 20 years and their games, it would be a shame for it not to also since wii costs several times less than a ps3 or 360 i assume it would sell that much the demographics for wii is rediculous, plus the anti call of duty clan cut down a ton of the sales call of duty would have had, and honestly do you play nintendogs or wii fit? no, kids do and old people play wii fit yes it is jealousy if call of duty had as little sales as bad company 2 and the same for call of duty for bad company 2 i assure you all wouldnt have this much junk talk about call of duty much of forums and gaming communities over the net dumbed down about quite a bit of millions of mw2s sales anyway, with lines such as,"its the same game as call of duty 4" and "its just dlc" and "the graphics are the same as call of duty 4" and tons of others and over and over you call of duty and final fantasy haters have no life all you do is appear on sites like this when a call of duty post is up and your ready to talk trash that you think your just going to say and no ones going to say anything back about it cause your comfortable around the majority which will "say" mw2 is so bad and all this must be people like you alls only place where you can get how you wish mw2 was off your chest, how bout this mw2 outsells not only every game thats a real game not some aerobics but it outsells every ps3 exclusive and every 360 exclusive halo might just edge it out but even then i doubt it so keep speaking open thought on how cod sucks but its just unjustified opinion
kingdavid  +   1820d ago
Bring me my water. Its all you're good for.
mrv321  +   1820d ago
Hasn't time changed a lot of people. I used to bash MW2... and I got disagreed with quite a bit, now look. Everyone jumping the 'MW2 SUCKS' because

-They got sucked into their own hype... and they where disappoint. I didn't fall into ANY hype and I enjoy MW2.
-They bought the game and they don't like 1 perk/Class type and blame the game for them sucking, my favorite is when people run into a room with their primary and wonder why they die, IT'S CLOSE RANGE SITUATION CHANGE TO YOUR SHOTGUN. I always change to my shotgun if I now it'll be close range. ALSO USE YOUR FLASH/STUN.
-They think it's too different from the original... or too similar. OH NOES.
-They think it's still buggy, while that's true it still is, name me a game without a single bug or glitch.
-They play it a lot and don't want to admit it, they also get angry because they keep getting killed by the NooB with the FAL in close range or something, the only NooB is you my friend, if you don't want to sink to their level then don't moan that their at that level...
-You hate activision
extermin8or  +   1820d ago
my god u r thick
the main reason i see people complaining here is that the MAP packs are ridiculously priced, last one was 11 quid her in the uk, this one will be the same andI think another complaint about MW2 could be how little skill is needed, I'd much rather go play uncharted 2, red dead redemption or bttlfield bad company 2 none of them are perfect but at least it feels balanced, MW2 was supposed to reduce the cheap kills from its predecessor then IW went and listened to every member of the community that came knocking on their door BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! hopefully other devs will learn from their mistakes.....
mrv321  +   1819d ago
They are optional, as is playing the game. If you don't like it sell it... sorted, don't complain. I'm not too fond of Far Cry 2 personally but I don't complain ALL the time about playing it BECUASE I'VE stopped playing it.

Here's something if it doesn't require skill how come you suck at it? Seriously it requires skill, route planning, memorization. So what if a new player can snipe you doesn't make it a bad game that new player probably had fun and you probably could have you know, threw a grenade or smoke... changed path, ducked or hid. Yeah sure some weapons have a higher damage BUT those weapons have a counter. the Famas great for long range, so you go close range. The SCAR is good all around but has a tiny clip so you duck and wait for them to reload. The shotgun can't do a thing beyond like 20M so use a assault riffle or LMG. A rocket launcher getting you? No problem use the blast shield.

Their mistakes got them millions of dollars no doubt because people like you pre-order KNOWING it will be great, didn't bother waiting. If you waited a week and listend to the crowd reaction and machinima respawn videos would you have bought it or rented it? My point exactly. Let me guesss you got RDR day one? Uncharted 2 days one... BC2 day one? If so you didn't learn your lesson

RDR-Auto aims a lot
Uncharted 2- Grenade spam WAS a problem, may have changed
BC2-M60, later assault riffle AK-74S.... overpowered.

Those have issues, I own 2/3 of them and enjoy them more than MW2, but they are not perfect and they do require further balancing.
AliTheBrit19  +   1820d ago
LOL Activision

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irishninja  +   1820d ago
money off
agree if u think u should get 50% off if u bought the map pack
irishninja  +   1819d ago
better for ps3
the best thing about the ps3 is you can share them with five people so just get 4 friends 2 give 3 euro each makes sense
munish23  +   1819d ago
I bought the first map pack, was a waste of money for me, so I'm not buying this one. I'm probably done with Modern warfare 2.
Ngai  +   1819d ago
No Thanks.
SG-17  +   1819d ago
I'll see if I can get another free DLC code from Twitter like I did for the Stimulus Pack. Barring that I won't buy it.
sparesoul  +   1819d ago
Awwww... we handed them $60 for a cd. It's our fault guys. Think about it. Sure, you can post a response to this and say anything you want, but we pay $60 for a cd.

Oh no, it's a game with all this technology and ......
pull it out and look at what you paid for..
a cd. $60. Now it's dlc, you can't even hold that. Say what you want. $60.
boysenberry  +   1819d ago
I'll just wait for Black Ops. I bought the first map pack and it was definitely not worth $15, maybe $10 max.
The Iron Sheik  +   1819d ago
Exclusive secret footage from inside an Activision shareholders meeting.

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HarryM  +   1819d ago
Another map pack I'm not buying..
I didn't buy the Stimulus Package and I won't be buying this one. What's the point anyway? In 4 months everyone will be sucked into Black Ops and the price isn't flattering.
electricgta  +   1819d ago
i dont buy anything thats a timed exclusive so up yours infinity ward ;)
StankyChicken  +   1819d ago
Never bought the first one and have no intentions on buying the second one.
BeastModeYMOB  +   1819d ago
I will not be a sucker like most of my firends are on PSN. They can keep this crap right along with MW2. BACK TO BFBC2!
radphil  +   1819d ago
Something's not right here....
2 DLCs for 1/2 the price of a new game for only 6 new maps total, and 4 maps from an older game.

How can people just allow and accept this?
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FalconR289  +   1819d ago
If I get its because of game sharing on the psn.

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