Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Pack price confirmed

Xbox's Major Nelson has confirmed that Modern Warfare 2's Resurgence Pack will cost 1200 Microsoft Points (£10.28 GBP/$15 USD) when it launches on Xbox Live next week.

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MGRogue20173123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

Not buying it unless it drops in price.

I still haven't bought the Stimulus Map Pack for that very same reason. I will not be ripped off, thanks.

playstation_clan3123d ago

i wonder how many more are thy going to do, it'll cost as much as the game pretty soon

claterz3123d ago

They will keep going untill all CoD4 maps are on Mw2 lol.

SixZeroFour3123d ago

thats what i said in a different article...they will make $15 map packs for every 2 cod4 maps

my friend and i were playing bfbc2 yesterday, and he asked me why dont i get mw2...i told him that if i did now, i would basically be paying $110, even for the original version (unless i bought it used) cause in canada its 69.99 (last time i saw it) plus 19.90 for 1200ms x2 = about $40

dangert123123d ago

so the dlc and the games original price would make it £75? lol
i got my core xbox for £150 and ps3 for £180
its gettung a little silly imagine if the could price the bungie game £199 any 1
i remember when there was talks of a guitar hero system so activision got all the money no over consoles need etc...wastes

taktak3123d ago

Its inevitabally the result of Consolisation.

People initially think they are getting a good deal with a cheap price to get a machine.

Later on they take away all your freedom.

Remember the days before COD ever made it to consoles. PC community used to mod the game with new maps etc.. stuff like new maps used to be free.

Now we have capitalism at its best milking the user with every chance they can get.

AAACE53123d ago

Another thing I won't be buying from them!

JustinSaneV23121d ago

I'm the same boat. I refuse to buy the map packs until they drop to at least $10.

By all rights I feel as though I should not even be paying for them as I grew up a PC gamer.

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cobraagent3123d ago

They haven't changed at all. Same price, same shitty dlc

DarkBlade3123d ago

What happen to the damn spec ops mission dlc? If there were 3 spec op missions included in that map pack then i would see this Dlc as a "good buy" but 3 meh maps and 2 cod4 clones is not worth 15 dollar. I rather buy a Psn or xbla game with that money.

Brewski0073123d ago

Bought the last one, played it a bit, didnt like it and found it really wasnt worth the money. Aint gonna buy this one. that'd be 30 bucks for 2 map packs its a rip off. should really only cost 10 each. They dont need to charge that much its just daylight robbery.

Capdastaro3123d ago

I've already saved £10 not purchasing the first pack, I'd rather spend my money on some BC2 or RDR DLC.

Sameh3123d ago

Wouldn't download it if it was free. Probably the worst online game I've ever played.

Claudinho693123d ago

1 of the best online game i ever played

cobraagent3123d ago

i wouldn't download it either. I am not supporting Activision and i will never support them again.

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The story is too old to be commented.