Red Dead Co-op Trophies Appear

PlayStation Lifestyle writes: With Red Dead Redemption released to the masses last week Rockstar were quick to outline plans for thier stylized western shoot-em-up. They announced the free Outlaws to the End co-op downloadable pack and promised more DLC is to come. Since launching last Tuesday in North America and last Friday in Europe the game has sold very well, racking up over 10 million sales in its first week.

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The_Count3118d ago

Yes I saw this when comparing trophies earlier on. I actually laughed at the 2 guys 1 coop trophy.

DJexs3117d ago

this game is filled with great references like that. hell the main characters are pretty much all referencing one move or another. clint eastwood, inigo montoya, and a slew of other people this game is just chalked full with em

kingdavid3117d ago

Loved the PLainview mining town reference from there will be blood.

deadpool193117d ago

Lol the 2 guys 1 co-op is probably the one that made me lol the most xD

Demons Souls3117d ago

"Upon inserting your Red Dead Blu-Ray into your Ps3 today you will be greeted with patch 1.01"

Didn't happen.

The_Count3117d ago

I think it may jst be usa that have it this now as I compared with a US PSN FRIEND.

BannedForNineYears3117d ago

Free.........My favorite price.

LedZeppelin3117d ago

I dont think red dead sold 10 mill

Maldread3117d ago

You`re right. It has sold about 1,5 mill if i remember correctly (even though that was based on vgcharts numbers). It did however give R* 10 mill pounds in two days :

Wonder if they put a Led Zeppelin in the game though. That would be fun ;)

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