New Releases (Week of 5/31/10)

With E3 a little over two weeks away, all eyes have turned to what's next in the video game world, but there are still plenty of big new releases. Such as...

- The Sims 3: Ambitions, the latest expansion to the popular PC life simulator.
- Alpha Protocol (PC, PS3, Xbox 360), Sega's Obsidian-developed espionage RPG.
- Backbreaker (PS3, Xbox 360), a non-NFL licensed football game that promises to make up for its lack of real-life teams with more realism on the field.

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dizzleK3094d ago

shitty week. the only thing i'll pick up is the ps2 syphon filter.

SwiderMan3093d ago

Alpha Protocol looks weak. But I may try Backbreaker, cause I'm still looking for an NFL Blitz 20-03 replacement.