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Rob Fahey writes: "Every year since the launch of the PlayStation 3 has been confidently touted, by one commentator or another, as being Sony's Year. Perhaps it's difficult to let go of the idea that Sony is the market leader, or perhaps the company is better at wining and dining analysts than its rivals, but either way, the reality has never quite matched up to those expectations."

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dizzleK3125d ago

he spent 3 pages to pretty much say that despite everything the ps3 has going for it xbl cancels it out.

i've come to the conclusion that no matter what sony does this gen, they'll be the red headed step child. market increase doesn't matter, sales increase doesn't matter, genre defining and creative software doesn't matter, more goty awards than i can count don't matter, it's simply not good enough.

i swear to christ that i'm living in bizarro world. i have never seen a more concerted effort to downplay a product in my life.

mrv3213125d ago

You see before the PS3 launch people said it would fail, blogs and websites too. They where wrong and so they are TRYING to make it fail.

ReBurn3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

I don't believe that anyone in the media was sincerely trying to make the PS3 fail in the beginning. Only moron console warriors wanted that to happen, just like it's moron console warriors that want the PS3, 360 or Wii to fail now.

Too many people expected that Sony was somehow owed consumer loyalty when the PS3 launched, but that's something that must be earned. The bloggers and websites were simply pointing out missteps that Sony took in the beginning. Plain and obvious mistakes that a rational mind could see and understand. It was obvious that Sony made some mistakes with PS3 in the beginning and I believe that even Sony knew they made mistakes. That's why they so quickly went to work taking out the unnecessary fluff and padding they originally built in so that they could get the price down.

But Sony did what many are rarely capable of. They've completely re-launched the PS3 and have built the momentum that they didn't have from the original launch. Doesn't negate the mistakes, but they are certainly making up for lost time and earning the hearts and minds that I think they initially took for granted.

HolyOrangeCows3124d ago

Journalism hasn't really become any better.
Especially Eurogamer.

MysticStrummer3124d ago

Yeah no doubt dizzleK... bizarro world indeed. How else can you explain articles revisiting the famous Killzone 2 trailer. I thought it was common knowledge that the trailer was a target render, but apparently it's still news. No one cares that Halo 3, as bland as it looks, DID NOT meet it's target render. It's all about Sony's mistakes for many "journalists". Having the superior product does not mean a damn thing.

mrv3213125d ago

'Every year since the launch of the PlayStation 3 has been confidently touted, by one commentator or another, as being Sony's Year. ' You mean like last year when Sony had great games throughout the year... and Microsoft had... erm yeah.

'perhaps the company is better at wining and dining analysts than its rivals' The Halo bag, oh wait you where referring to Sony, the company who pumps money into first party studios instead of closing them down.

;By comparison, the big hitters for the Xbox 360 are heavily loaded into the back end of the year, with Halo: Reach due in September,' So you agree then Mass Effect 2 and Alan Wake wasn't a big hitter? And you only being able to name one big hitter in Winter... kinda doesn't say to me heavily loaded.

'The technology is expensive, certainly - even allowing for the price of a television upgrade, the glasses themselves are ridiculously pricey. ' As was HD when it first came out... so I guess there's no point in that. NEW TECHNOLOGY IS EXPENSIVE CAN PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT.

XBL vs PSN... really? Ok then, I go for PSN. I prefer it, it's more closed off, I can be playing a SP game of Gears 2 and get countless messages saying come on MW2. PSN feels like the superior option for me, plus strangely enough I have more people with headsets on PSN MW2 than XBL.

This article serves no point.

ReBurn3124d ago

That was an interesting read which played on many of the cliche's that we see so often here. Like the "this is the year of the PS3" that we heard every year since it launched. I believe that 2009 really was the year of the PS3, because that's where most of my gaming dollars went last year.

I remember when the original PlayStation and the Sega Saturn launched, and their focus was on 3D polygonal graphics. That was truly a game changer in my opinion. That shift enabled us to have the kinds of virtual worlds that we get immersed in today. A lot of people will say that Sony invented 3D polygonal gaming, but Sega was doing it in the arcades long before PlayStation hit the scene.

Nintendo changed the game with motion control when the Wii launched. It's evident by the 71 million of the things they've sold. Sony and Microsoft are coming so late to the game there, but most of us put on our fanboy goggles and tell ourselves that this is motion control done right. If Nintendo would release a new Wii that could push HD graphics and upscale the current games I think they would get fresh wind in their sails, but it wouldn't change anything.

talltony3124d ago

Every single year since 2008 HAS BEEN SONY'S YEAR!

Seferoth753123d ago

Only to fanboys. It cant be your year when you are dead last. Yeah they had some high rated games that sold rather poorly. Not sure how that makes it their year either.

Before this gen sales decided who won. Now suddenly Sony fanboys want to change the entire industry so they can say a last place company is number one.

Sony hasnt had a single year since the release of the PS3 and it will take more than the opinions of loyal followers to change that.

talltony3123d ago

"Only to fanboys. It cant be your year when you are dead last."

ah your the fanboy if you can't admit that it has been ps3's year since 2008. Where do you get the dead last from? Only retarded fanboys say that when they can't understand that the 360 was released first with a 8 mil lead. The lead has been decreasing ever since the ps3 was released so WTF?

Hairy Chewie3124d ago

The differences really don't matter to me. As long as I can play online, I couldn't care less. But PSN does let me do it for free... I guess it does get a bonus point.

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