GameTrailersTV: New Bulletstorm Footage, Plus Portal

GameTrailersTV latest episode.

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Faztkiller2913d ago

Bulletstorm looks awesome love the art style

N4GAddict2913d ago

It certainly does look very promising.

masterofpwnage2913d ago

that fertilizing kill looks dope

AliTheBrit192913d ago

Yeah, my interest just went way up for this game

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Shaman2913d ago looks great to be honest,very good.It looks fun and gfx are really really neat.

masterofpwnage2913d ago

that that one dude must of been confuse when that asian guy was explaining about that whole black hole theory in the beginning

trounbyfire2913d ago

is one of our great minds in theatrical physics. he livs in New york and his mane is michio kaku

xTHRASHx2913d ago

hes great. always on discovery and nat geo when theres a show about the universe

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The story is too old to be commented.