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Like most people jonesing for a good reason to own a PS3, GamesRadar were impressed as hell by the promise of LittleBigPlanet. The achingly cute platformer/level-creation tool snagged our imaginations when it was unveiled during the Game Developers Conference in March, and during E3 it was almost fully playable. Enough to give them a good feel for what it'll be like to build your own semi-3D worlds and then jump around in them.

Even without its simple-but-deep creation tools, LittleBigPlanet would make for a cool downloadable platform-hopping game (it'll be available both on the PlayStation Network and as a disc at retail). Textures on objects are so detailed as to look almost real, and your fully customizable ragdoll avatars, tentatively called Sackboys, are nothing short of adorable.

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Farfromreality4134138d ago

It makes you feel weird for wanting to play it even though it looks like a kids game.

I foresee many hours lost in begigglement.

It should totally be a word.


an of now; it is officially a word. so dubbeth the ninja!

Farfromreality4134138d ago

You sir owe me a new keyboard because your avatar just made me puke...

Time to take a shower....buh....

[email protected]4138d ago

This is WHAT I CALL new-gen experience ^^. I can't wait until next year to hold my hands on the game.

ad4mb4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

This game looks like a kids game and thats the problem, same with viva pinata when it came out, casual gamers who dont watch all they vids and dont look at previews wont buy it because it looks to childish. ME of course is going to buy it because its gonna be great fun and ive seen all the vids and previews. Sony will have to do allot of advertising to get this to sell like it should. other than that this game is gonna Rock!!.

Logan4138d ago

I believe that sony right now is already doing a great job advertising this game, alot of people I talk to know a great deal about little big planet, and I think it really shows some potential of some crucial innovation, wich in the mean time will be a great seller, now during your comment, you mentioned about how casual gamers wont buy the game because it looks like a little kids game, what I say to that is, is its true in a way, but the fact that you say sony needs to do alot of advertising to make this game sell better, seems a little false because, like I said in the beginng there *ALREADY* doing a great job advertising it, so it seems to me like your saying something that there already doing good at right now. All I have to say is, is that time will tell if the game succeeds or not, wich it seems like it will.

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