The Force Unleashed 2: Subject 1157 Trailer released

PC Games published the offical Subject 1157 Trailer of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2.

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Paradise2732d ago

neato. I'm quite the fan of TFU

let's hope they add a bit more variety in this one

Eiffel2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

And make it longer...first one was beyond short.. also throw in multiplayer to keep replay value up. They scrapped multiplayer in the first which sucked..I mean it's Star Wars for shit sake, how long must we wait for a lightsaber online game. Jeeze..

dachiefsman2732d ago

Jedi Academy had light saber fights and so did Star Wars Battlefield. <which I think they should be making another one instead of UL2>

I do agree with your post though.

DeadlyFire2731d ago

Best lightsaber combat is Moviebattles 2 mod for Jedi Academy. Only thing that attempts realism for lightsabers in the game. Its awesome.

Its must better than Force Unleashed lightsabers, and better than Battlefront's lightsabers.

As far As Battlefront 3 goes. I am very certain by E3 2011 we will see some content on it. I am hoping at this year's E3 though. All has been silent on its fate since Free Radical was closed. I hope Crytek got a deal going with them for the game. Battlefront 3 on CryEngine 3 would be awesome. Its more likely EA or Rebellion got the game though. All a wait and see game.

kratos1232732d ago

sorry guys but that trailer was boring
the first trailer is stil the best

Kingdom Come2732d ago

That was quite a dissapointing trailer to be honest. I would have prefered "Battlefront 3" but the first "The Force Unleashed" game was enjoyable so I will see how this turns out.

tmt3452732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

think this was about uncharted 2 from the title at first?

"unleashed 2"

Kingdom Come2732d ago

Please, don't be pathetic...

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