More RDR bugs: Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the desert…

Donkey Lady? Cougar Man? Flying people? That's nothing. How about vigilante horses and... zombies?! Even more Read Dead Redemption Bugs

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borisfett3042d ago

I want to lasso a zombie. =(

- Ghost of Sparta -3041d ago

Looks to me like he simply lasso'd a guy, put him on the horse, ran away, and whistled to bring the horse up near him. You're wondering why your dog is looking at you that way, idiot? He knows you faked it too. Pathetic.

Rucury3041d ago

Exactly what I was thinking.

Obviously faked. And a bad fake at that...

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3041d ago

Yeah, I watched it and thought "where's this glitch then?"

borisfett3041d ago

I meant I want to be able to lasso the zombie that they found. =P

T9X693042d ago

"The final result turned out to be a total piece of crap. Don’t get me wrong. This is a fun game. When it works. But it doesn’t seem to ever work. Red Dead Redemption has been so full of bugs that one has to really question whether or not Rockstar even cares anymore."

Biggest load of shit I have ever read. The game WORKS perfectly fine, since when did Zombies, flying people and half Donkey half man become glitches that make the game not work? The glitches in this game effect the player in no way, there actually quite funny. For someone to say the game doesn't ever seem to work is just ignorant.

RustyMagus3042d ago

The glitches show off in this article are funny. And that's what the article is for: to amuse. But there are a load of other glitches in RDD that makes the game almost impossible to play.

bjornbear3041d ago

the guy is an idiot, the game is hardly ever glitching out on me, so this is really a butt hurt idiot

klado3041d ago

Are not stop making one fact everyone's for the sake of the comparison, he is dealing with bug, and you not...who has the rights to complain?...

Anyway, the game is good but as well full of bug, never bumped with one as bad as that but it doesn't mean others can't...end of the statement.

vhero3041d ago

Is it just me or most these glitches appearing on the 360 version?? The video used on this example is the 360 version. Look at 0:43 its definitely the 360 version all the glitch videos I seen so far are the 360 version... Seems we have a glitchier version here. I have the PS3 version and have no problems so far. This is not a fanboy comment or nothing I really have had no problems with the PS3 version...

iceman063041d ago

I have only had 2 glitches in my 20+ hours of gameplay on the PS3 version. I had a floating piece of baggage from a stagecoach that just kept floating around the desert in Cholla Springs. I also had the door get stuck to my head as I tried to open it at Thieves Landing. Neither of these glitches repeated themselves. So, I don't know what to think. Either way, I am happy with my experience despite these tiny glitches.

Ace Killa 083041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

reading your comment made me a bit more stupid since i read 360 version back to back and somehow i feel like dying, but hey 360 may have glitches but not to the point where it ruins the game, i have to seen someone pulling off a javelin glitch or any such that ruins this game completely

weazel3041d ago

Sorry - PS3 version here, and I saw a carriage full of people without the carriage riding half way through the trail. Didn't affect my absolute love of the game though...

sam22363041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

@T9X69: Well you're full of shit yourself. Here's some of the glitches I've seen so far (I've just completed the game, btw):

1. That 'infinite' loading screen that everyone is talking about.

2. The invisibale screaming hooker.

3. When I was in Mexico, a cart was turned over and some of the boxes were still floating in the air.

4. In one of Landon Ricketts' missions, the one were you duel the guy with the hostage (After you kill the German dude), the hostage was moving around the guy so much that I couldn't get a shot at him. She was moving around in circles...kind of hard to describe.

5. When Abraham was getting beat up by the soldiers, the guy that you duel with was turned the other way instead of facing me. I shot him and the game continued as if the duel was still going on. I could move around and free Abraham, but then the game froze and I had to turn off the PS3.

6. In the cutscene with John and THOSE people in THAT barn, the busted up character model of the PERSON from the previous mission with the bear was standing in the corner, looking around.

7. The game froze for about two seconds when I was riding into Blackwater.

8. Invisible bears and cougars.

9. Frame rate drops in nearly every town. Thieves' Landing being the worst.

The game is riddled with glitches and some of them are game-breaking. Rockstar really need to get their shit together and patch the game. I hope they don't pull a Rebellion on us and send out a patch in a month.

EDIT: I've just remembered another glitch:

10. On the last Mexico mission, a couple of Mexican soldiers where standing still with their arms outstretched. I could shoot them in the head, but they wouldn't fall and I could move through them.

T9X693041d ago

You made it to Mexico? I thought the game was unplayable? I never said there wasn't tons of glitches, because they are. A NPC model that should be a person yet is a bear, does not make the game unplayable. It takes around 10 hours or so to even go to Mexico so if the game was to "never work" you wouldn't have made it that far. I've never had my game freeze, and only was stuck at the loading screen 3 times before the patch. After the patch I never got the infinite loading screen. The game is VERY playable, but has tons of tiny glitches. None in which are game breaking. I have the game installed to my HDD so maybe that's why I don't get hardly any glitches, but for ANYONE to say this game is unplayable MOST of the time, is down right stupid.

sam22363041d ago

@T9X69: I never said the game was unplayable and if you actually read my comment, I said I completed the game. Also, you say your game never froze yet it was 'stuck at the loading screen'? I'm sorry, what?

And what's this patch you're talking about? I've had the game since release and not once has it asked me to download a patch. Oh and if none of the glitches are game-breaking then why did I have to turn off my PS3 whenever the game froze?

Everyone has the game installed on their HDD (On the PS3, anyway) and they still have problems/find glitches, so that doesn't make a difference.

I suggest you stop pulling shit out of your ass...unless you like looking like an idiot.

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DA_SHREDDER3041d ago

I bought this game brand new and it had a freakin burn mark on it. LOL! Also, the game is a million times more buggy then GTA4. Oh well, its still really fun, especially when it works properly. I don't regret buying this game nota bit.

Elwenil3041d ago

Some of the bugs are frustrating at times but this is still one of the best games this gen in my opinion. I haven't had this much fun since Uncharted 2. It's not quite on the level of U2, but it's a different type of game and good in it's own way. Even with the bugs it's more fun than GTA4. A must have game in my opinion.

blodulv3041d ago

but yes, the bugs do drive me nuts sometimes...

Actually, come to think of it, I think the entire horse controlling scheme is a bit of a pain in the ass as well haha. Still getting used to it.

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