New DC Universe Online Video Offers Up More Answers

If you're one of the myriad who have been asking for more information on how DC Universe Online is going to work -- and you haven't been paying attention to their page on the book of face or the main site -- then you're in for a treat. Chris Cao and Jens Andersen have taken some of the questions that curious players have posted on the DC Universe Online group and gathered them together into an excellent new Inside the Studio video Q&A.

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Raoh3119d ago

and it still wont be released in 2010.. ....

Kingofalltrolls3119d ago

yeah you're right Raoh! why wont they release the game unfinished or with a very little amount of content like 80% of all the other MMOS?! That way we can then trash SOE for releasing a game before it's done! I WANT ANSWERS!

Raoh3119d ago

LOL dont take it so serious

my beef is that it was announced to soon in my opinion...

they are also risking sales as i feel agency and dcu will be out around the same time..

play17boy3119d ago

I hope this game shows up at E3 in some form or another.