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Red Dead Redemption Has.....Werewolfs?

Every time Rockstar puts out a new open world game, there tends to be numerous rumors of "wild beast" that roam the land. GTA San Andreas was Bigfoot, GTA IV was Ratman, and now we come to Red Dead Redemption. According to one of the users over at reddead.net Werewolf's exist in the world of Red Dead Redemption, and he has the proof....sort of.

Could this Werewolf actually roam the lands of Red Dead Redemption? Take a look at the pictures and see for yourself. (PS3, Red Dead Redemption, Xbox 360)

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villevalorox  +   1955d ago
that would be sweet lol. it's a bit scary though if so haha.
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Rumor  +   1955d ago
thats creepy :/

this game has a lot of surprises. just today, i ran my horse into west dickon's wagon, and the thing shot up about 20ft...no lie lol
-MD-  +   1955d ago
That sounds like a bug...
ShepardVasNormandy  +   1955d ago
look up on youtube that has happened for a bunch of people its pretty funny
JL  +   1955d ago
Yea I'd say that's a bug. Which I had one just yesterday. I was trying to take cover behind a boulder and when I did it just glitched somehow and I shot straight up in the air and was going through the animation and pose like i was taking cover (in mid-air) and I just stalled there for a minute. Even looked around down at the gunfight happening below me (that I was supposed to be in). I tried shooting somebody, but at that point I fell, and I died when I hit the ground lol
LycanSoldier  +   1955d ago
That's happened to me a few times. Incredibly annoying when you've got a good killstreak going.
JL  +   1955d ago
Mine wasn't all that annoying. Humorous really. I didn't have any kind of killstreak going on or anything as it happened in single player.
Consoldtobots  +   1955d ago
well I looked around tall trees and so far got attacked by a family of bears, good thing I had my pump action shotgun out and managed to kill them after they took my horse out and came after me.
FragMnTagM  +   1955d ago
I had a similar experience in tall trees. I was shooting some Elk, or Moose and I got attacked by a bear. I killed him, then there was another, then another, and it kept going like that for damn near an hour. I eventually died because I ran out of bullets. I also only managed to skin just a few of them, but I had probably killed in excess of 50 bears. I think it was a glitch.
DaTruth  +   1955d ago
"got attacked by a family of bears"

Damn, I got to get this game!
VoicesInMyHead  +   1955d ago
Yea I shot 2 bears in Bearpark? I believe.

Mountain Lions too.

The game is legit
ravinshield  +   1955d ago
damb u got attacked by the berenstain bears.
StarScream4Ever  +   1955d ago
Oh sht, these things creeps me out. Yes I get creep out easily by these easter eggs. T_T
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1955d ago
Lol. Finding a werewolf in the desert is creepy. I don't get scared by anything, but that would be kind of scary. Haha.
CaptainMarvelQ8  +   1955d ago
hey look what I've found in the wild
a GreenBurg!,damn i was scared as sh!t when i saw him

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El_Colombiano  +   1955d ago
You win the internet.
Shane Kim  +   1955d ago
Look closer, I bet there is a Shane Kim around there too. Maybe a little brokeback mountain over there.
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BannedForNineYears  +   1955d ago
Why don't I find these things? :(
I found the retard guy that thinks he's a mountain lion.
Two of them actually.
I killed one and his face is white.....Like a clown or something.
And then I've gotten the game to glitch so badly to where my character was flying on his horse and the game was lagging like crazy. And when I got off my horse my character froze....>_>
I recorded it too. =D
White-Sharingan  +   1955d ago
upload it please
Eiffel  +   1955d ago
Like all most mythical legends and UFO sightings, they just have to be blurry right?
White-Sharingan  +   1955d ago
LOL so true, you also forgot to add "leaked images" of most tech (slim PS3, iPhone 4, etc)
Eiffel  +   1955d ago
Lol eventually when everything becomes HD, conspirators are gonna need to upgrade their bullshit, no more of this blurry shit. How about he go back and find the damn thing and use a HD capture card? Instead of his cell phone?
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DaTruth  +   1955d ago
Eventually when everything is 3D, we can get high definition, 3D pictures of the Loch Ness Monster and UFO's!
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Syaz1  +   1955d ago
in b4...
sparkling vampires...
FragMnTagM  +   1955d ago
Oh god no
Please no. If I find a sparkling anything in my game I am going to F^&# it up badly. Then I am going to put some bait on it so that it can be further attacked after I am done with it.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1955d ago
It's "werewolves", not "werewolfs". This is why no one takes gaming journalism seriously.


Syaz can't tri-force!!!

(Rofl. Couldn't help myself.)
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TheBand1t  +   1955d ago
Reskin bug probably.
xg-ei8ht  +   1955d ago
I heard there was massive bugs, well that much is true:)
sam2236  +   1955d ago
Saw this on 4Chan a few days ago. It's fake.

EDIT: Look at the attached pic. There's your werewolf.

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sam2236  +   1955d ago
@Disagree: Yeah, okay. There really are werewolves in RDR, just like how there's UFOs and a Yeti/Bigfoot in San Andreas.

Oh and lets not forget Ratman in GTA4! Everyone saw him!

EDIT: You're all a bunch of idiots. Just remember, don't start crying when you realise you've all been trolled by some retard with no life and access to Photoshop.
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gtamike  +   1955d ago
it's fake we know
N4PS3Fanboys  +   1955d ago
They didn't even go past past Page 1 on the Google Image results for werewolf. LOL.
Hairy Chewie  +   1955d ago
The mini nuke...
isn't a mini nuke. One time I saw a couple of guys at camp doing some stuff dynamite, one of them asked for a light and the whole camp just went BOOOOM!... it was pretty awesome.
Kingdom Come  +   1955d ago
I was sure it was a Werewolf I saw but my friend who was with me didn't think so.
ger101  +   1955d ago
What a crock of shit. I honestly cannot believe that people are this gullible.
gtamike  +   1955d ago
Official General  +   1955d ago
For me
It's them damn cougars - they frighten the sh*t outta me. They come at you from nowhere when you are in the woods.
El_Colombiano  +   1955d ago
When I hear the yell they make I shit bricks.
ZombieAutopsy  +   1955d ago
Anyone else see a purple horse??? I was on a "herbal" breakfast so i might of just been seeing things but i swear i seen a purple horse.
SaveFerris  +   1955d ago
Not a werewolf
More likely this...

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DirtyLary  +   1955d ago
dumb. Glitches aren't easter eggs.
onenut  +   1955d ago
i have seen a bigfoot in the game and a few ufo's oh and elvis
El_Colombiano  +   1955d ago
Elvis decades prior to being born lmao a fetus?
BubZ-SkullY  +   1955d ago
this is true, whilst on free roam one time, my mate was hunting for the jaguar (might have misspelt) in tall trees then he shouted at me through the headset, he saw the werewolf he said he killed it cos it was killing him, i was on in the other side of the map collecting flowers lol, so i innstantly thought he was chatting sh*t, looks like he was tellin the truth and the come out at night when the moon is full, that was when he saw it.
Ginn  +   1955d ago
"Werewolves"... Not "Werewolfs".
beutchkid  +   1955d ago
Oh Rockstar you make us all proud to play your games with things like this
Langley201055   1955d ago | Spam
faizanshakyboy  +   1954d ago
Hey buddy, you pointed out really interesting thing. Thanks.
L3W15-3AFC  +   1954d ago
oh god, i remember the days on SA when your mates would come round and you would all peg it around looking for BIGFOOT, and you would never find him xD

i havent completed Read Dead Redemption yet but il hop online with some mates and we'l take a walk in Tall Tree's.

With the shotty xD

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