Why space-sims need to be revived

Plagued Gamer writes: "If there’s something in the gaming world to get all riled up about it should be, without question, the total abandonment of the space-sim genre. Taking a look back, Freespace, Wing Commander, and TIE Fighter are all notable, successful titles that did their fair share to optimize contemporary gaming. Why then, has no one successfully sought a return to this glorious form?"

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dizzleK3094d ago

amen. look at the technology we have, i'd kill for some epic space combat using todays horsepower.

jack_burt0n3094d ago

Colony Wars was WIN and so was freespace.

I want 128 player space battles on console!

BlackIceJoe3093d ago

I so wish more developers would make space sim games. I would like to see a new Colony Wars from Sony & MS to make a new Freelancer. I could see new Space Sim games doing really well. Plus with the power of today. The graphics & the physics would be really incredible.