Crave announces bowling for Natal

Although Microsoft has been hush-hush about their E3 line-up of Project Natal games, 3rd party publishers are apparently less hesitant to share their plans for the motion-sensing technology. In discussing plans for E3, a Crave Games representative mentioned that the company will be releasing a version of "Brunswick Pro Bowling" which will support Natal, allowing players to roll strikes without the impediment of a controller.

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Abash3069d ago

All you're going to be doing is flicking your hand towards the screen?

Rainstorm813069d ago

Wasn't a Brunswick game announced for move is that game a multiplat motion game now?

Hideo_Kojima3069d ago

I doubt Natal can detect the twist of your wrist as well as natal can.

quiddd3069d ago

I doubt Wave can detect the twist of your wrist as well as Natal can. I kid, I kid.

HolyOrangeCows3069d ago

Nah, man, nah. He meant:
"I doubt the ps3 motion controller can detect the twist of your wrist as well as Move can"

Heartnet3069d ago

I think he meant I doubt Natal can detect the twist of you wrist as well as the eyetoy can :D

commodore643068d ago

no no no...

He meant "I doubt Natal can detect the trolls on n4g hating in every natal article as well as it can detect fluid body movement in this bowling game"

Then again.. the trolls are fairly obvious.
No need for a detection mechanism.

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Davoh3069d ago

you need to first make your hand look as if you're about to finger someone, and then you flick it towards the screen.

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bjornbear3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

its like trying to argue with Edison fans that Tesla was first...

Meryl3069d ago

lol all mini games was born into the public(10 million eyetoys!!) thanks to eyetoy yet wii and xfans ignore these facts games like sports champions are not copying but simply following what eyetoy did for ps2 but in a more advanced way, it was wii who stole the mini games concept from sony.
but wait incoming disagrees, here we go....

WhittO3069d ago

lol really, these are the killer, game changing, industry changing apps Natal will produce?

vhero3069d ago

I would like to see how this works I think most people would the game will obviously be low grade but the way Natal works means this will be interesting to see.

NecrumSlavery3069d ago

And you thought it was only going to be shovelware

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Hallmark Moment3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )



lokiroo4203069d ago

Got to love when people like this have nothing to say.

eggbert3069d ago

could scan objects?

Technically couldn't you use a real bowling ball? Just make sure not to throw it at the TV


Also title should have been worded better. It only has Natal support, its not full fledged natal game.

Tony-A3069d ago

Sony patented the use of random objects to be used as controllers about a month after Natal was publicly revealed.

That would've been great, but Microsoft was a bit too late to the punch.

Heartnet3069d ago

Hmm they couldnt have since it can scan pictures of FISH! and paper is an object :P

Pedobear Rocks3069d ago

Have you seen the vids of this game...put some freaking effort into it Crave...

Bargin bin in the first month.


playstation_clan3069d ago ShowReplies(1)
Ju3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

That's actually a PS3 port ( ). I expect multiple titles cross ported from Move, Natal and Wii. Why not. Fun for all!

ingiomar3069d ago

nooooooooooooooooooo here comes the party games!! why god WHY??

LOL like nobody saw this coming XD

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