Can Western Games Learn from the JRPG?

Gamer Limit writes "Japanese RPGs are dying, being replaced with the philosophies of the superior Western RPG. Either that, or JRPGs are evolving to become more like WRPGs. "

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JQ3093d ago

Try it the other way around.

Reibooi3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

That's a opinion.

I think they can. One of the biggest one is that not every RPG needs to be able the medieval times and swords and sorcery or Dungeons and Dragons type stuff. Sure we have seen a few games diverge from that(namely Mass Effect and Fallout) but so many more Western RPG's are the same ole same ole and they after awhile start to feel the same.

I hardly ever get that feeling in JRPG's. They almost always feel like they have a unique world. The Final Fantasy series love it or hate it is a good example. None of those worlds feel the same. To many series base it's lore off of a D and D model and when you do that the game is gonna feel the same to every other game that followed that model. That's just a opinion. The settings and worlds in JRPG's are MUCH more diverse then stuff I have seen from the west. That's something I think the west could learn.

Millah3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

Its not that the JRPG as a genre sucks now, its just that the focus of the industry has changed and unfortunately the Japanese developers for the first time since the industry began have found themselves struggling to figure out what to do. They keep trying to abandon their culture, which is part of what made those games so great, and instead try to appeal to a wider audience, with Square leading the charge in that department.

Its the developers faults, its not that the JRPG is no longer a good or beloved genre. Its just the developers can't make them like they used to. They need to stop trying to be something they aren't, and instead embrace their unique qualities that make Japanese games different from Western games.

I think part of the blame lies with the Japanese publishers like Square, pushing their developer teams to be something that they aren't. They keep trying to make them make games that are more like Western games, when they should instead acknowledge the two cultures are different and let the developers do what they do best.

The Japanese have always had such an original and creative imagination and really need to start utilizing that strength they have. I think a lot of the developers have lost the passion they once had. But I still have hope, Xenoblade and The Last Story seem to be headed in the right direction. Both exclusives on a Japanese console that involves a lower development cost therefore less risk.

Simon_Brezhnev3093d ago

i couldnt had said it better myself Millah bubbles for you

E46M33093d ago

Lol no.. JRPG's suck

Even Final Fantasy has lost its charm now i didnt like it to begin with.

If anything Japanese devs need to get with the times.

SaiyanFury3092d ago

@ Millah

No shyte! JRPGs need to stop trying to conform to western RPGs. The genres are very different. JRPGs are unique as they've always been. I love Star Ocean 4 and applaud tri-Ace for not making it based on western ideals. Multiple sources rated it a mediocre 5 or 6 out of 10. These days too many gamers expect too much from JRPGs, labeling the genre as un-innovative, behind the times, and just lacking. I say the genre rocks BECAUSE it's unyielding to western games. JRPGs have once again become the niche genre they were before Final Fantasy VII. FF7 brought the genre out of the niche for a few generations, but now gamers' inflated expectations have hurt the genre and now it's gone back to the niche roots it always enjoyed. S-E attempted to make a JRPG that would appeal to the west and they failed miserably to appeal to fans in FF13. JRPGs are what they are, and us players of them love them for what they are. Western RPGs are different in nature and Japanese RPGs should not copy them. We're seeing a real shortage of true JRPGs this gen so far. SO4 is a great game that doesn't follow western criticism, tri-Ace knows their audience and those of us love them for it.

Both genres are different, and while both can learn from each other, it's important that each remain unique.

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DangerCurtis3093d ago

Gradually over the years, WRPGs have really started to reign over JRPGs, and to take a stance on such a subject is really interesting in my opinion. Really interesting read and a some pretty valid points.

Davoh3093d ago

I can't help but bring up Square-Enix who for the last few years have been trying to westernize everything and failed miserably. Western Games should stay Western and Japanese Games should stay Japanese, and then gamers have the best of both worlds.

Tony P3093d ago

Hope not. I enjoy them as two distinct entities.

I don't want a TES to have a more structured plot. That would mean less player freedom. I don't want the protagonist to be less faceless. That defeats the purpose of projecting the player into the game.

WRPGs also have plenty of humour without inserting random bits of silliness. Since the tone is often more serious and sombre, it would be out of place and unnecessary mood whiplash imo. I can't think of too much WRPGs should poach from JRPGs.

NecrumSlavery3093d ago

The only thing JRPGs have over WRPGs is they aren't as glitchy.
I think Bioware and Bethesda have shown that west can produce the highest qualiy of RPG. And never once make a whiney emo kid the hero.

Side note, JP company From Software's 3D Dot Game Heroes and Demon's Souls are two RPGs that break away from the repetitive emo crap Japan has been making the past few years...kudos

zatrox3093d ago

...then, my friend, if you don't like the typical whiny emo crap, I'd recommend:
Vagrant Story
Mother 3
Probably Drakengard, but that one was waay too flawed.
And alot of other JRPGs.
Just because the most famous series include whiny teenagers doesn't means less recognized ones don't break the mold.

Tony P3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

They aren't as glitchy, but that's because they're more linear.

It's a lot easier to debug a game with meticulously planned scenarios than a TES where you're giving the player all this freedom.

As long as the glitch isn't too damaging, I don't really mind. It's a decent trade off for a huge world to explore at my leisure.

Bigpappy3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

I what world are SE games becoming westernized? If you call long a$$ cut scenes summonsing stuff animals and riding chickens "Westernized" then you and the Japanese need your heads checked. Being from the west, I know we like games that are more mature and believable: When someone is shot or stabbed (Blood); When fighting, I don't want to give the other guy a chance to get some shots in; I don't want to summons baby blue and yellow monsters. You see where I am going with this? I am not ten and I don't have a feminine side that needs to be tapped. You feel me?

RedPawn3093d ago

I like JRPG's just not when they're overly animeish, or big eyed loud mouth retards.

Some Western RPG's have good Lore like any normal RPG, they just seem to fall flat in combat & presentation.

Like I said at the bottom they're both one in the same and both need to check their credentials.

Alcon3093d ago

I used to enjoy JRPG's a lot more when I was younger.
I think one of the reasons I don't do as much anymore is that the most of the time the hero (protagonist) is to young, secondly western RPG's are darker than its japanese counterpart (not only the color pallet often used is different, but how the stories are told, the enemies you face (how ridiculous would it look if you had to battle a drop of water or a cactus in a western rpg?, while when I was a kid the monsters in western RPG's did scare me lol), and finally, the motives of why your group is fighting in JRPG's are sometimes to childish/naive and their behavior are as well (even the older blokes you get in your party, who sometimes are already parents or 10 years older than you, the protagonist, are still behaving like 12 year olds...) .
Now that I'm older I regret that the JRPG's did not age as well, to my eyes they still seem to childish. I could still enjoy them and have a good time, but I won't be able to get immersed in the world or really involved with my charachters, because more often than not their behaviour or personalities are that of kids, wich unfortunatly I am no more.

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StartWars3093d ago

Anything that is quintessentially Japanese terrifies me.

Yuenanimous3093d ago

While I hear what you're saying, I really don't like the whimsical in my games. It make the game seem childish.

Fullish3093d ago

Which are you implying are whimsical? I would hardly call either Final Fantasy or the Elder Scrolls whimsical

Rocket Sauce3093d ago

I think both of them go to extremes too often.

Eternal Sonata has a cool premise, but I'll never be able to play it because of its annoying cuteness-overload style. Dragon Age Origins might be a fun game, but I remember its ads on TV - they were such a weak attempt to look badass.

hyderide3093d ago Show
Faztkiller3093d ago

Maybe story telling and art but not gameplay I hate turn based

Simon_Brezhnev3093d ago

yeah i agree im not a fan of turn base but the story telling and art are better in JRPG.

Anon73493093d ago

>Implying all JRPGs are turned based
>Implying combat from buldur's Gate/Dragon Age/ect is any good either

Faztkillar, maybe you should try a few JRPGs/WRPGs before you stereotype them.

thedoctor3093d ago

I tend to agree that JRPG storylines are more intriguing. They are able to sink their claws into me far more than Westerns, but the turned-based fighting has to stop.

Enate3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

I don't even think its so much as the turn based needs to stop to be honest. If that were completely true then a lot of people's favorite rpgs wouldn't still be on a PS1 console. Whether that be Xenogears, Suikoden II, FFVII, FFVIII, Legend of legaia, Legend of dragoon, vagrant story an more. The biggest problem I personally see is the same thing that's been said above. Jrpg designers are losing sight of what made their gaames what they are in the first place.

I have yet to see a story this gen from a jrpg that can stand up to any of those games I mentioned above. An to me that is the biggest problem on top of the fact that. They are trying to do a lot of bending to the western world and that's the last thing they should be doing. It is in turn what is hurting them, jrpg fans want the stories that took them in for hours on end. Like Xenogears and the others I mentioned above.

I still personally enjoy two to three times a year playing. Xenogears, Suikoden II, FFVIII, Legend of Legaia, Vanguard Bandits and Front mission 3 the real front mission not that evolved garbage they slapped a name on. An as far as combat systems go I don't mind a higher paced combat system but don't give me something toned down in the process. I love Xenogears, Legend of Legaia and Suikoden II all for their unique and fun approaches to combat in multiple ways in each game. I was never bored watching slow uninteresting combat unfold. That or waiting for a slow drawn out story to move on to the good part because those games had the best of both.

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