CG Interviews Treyarch on Black Ops

Upon entering the 3rd Studio at Jasmine Studios, I’m greeted by Josh Olin of Treyarch and sat at a table that can be only described as a military desk. The room’s south wall has a map of the globe with colour co-ordination to label the communist states and its supporters and the North wall has clocks with various time zones on it. I hadn’t expected for the chance to get in this room, so my questions were off the cuff. This is how it went.

Sp: It’s nice to meet you, just what are you roles on the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops?

JO: I’m Josh; I’m the community manager at Treyarch. Mark will be here in a moment, he just needs something else to drink, but we can start with the basics now if you like?

At this point the table is littered with empty Red Bull and Cola cans, along with several document folders with the Treyarch logo on them......

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