Apple Enters Console War With Next Apple TV

Jon Ireson of DualShockers writes, "Today Apple sources have confirmed a tip Engadget received about the next Apple TV. The latest iteration in Apple’s run in the home console industry is based on the architecture of the iPhone 4G containing the A4 CPU. Instead of OS-X lite the next generation of Apple TV will feature an iPhone-based operating system fundamentally compliant with the iPad offerings we have seen for gaming thus far. This system is also able to display in full 1080p high definition!

This is a huge move from a powerful player in multiple industries which will, among other things, launch it into an even more appealing position for video game publishers and developers to release their games on. Cloud storage will even be supported as Apple embraces forward-thinking technologies and seeks to further the standard of streaming entertainment. Video games will see a new player emerge in the high-end home console sector and the “Big 3″ will now become the “Big 4″..."

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Hitman07693095d ago

In a very awesome turn of events, gaming just gets bigger and bigger!!!

movements3095d ago

Oh how I love competition!

frostypants3095d ago

OK, hold on this saying that this thing will have the same CPU as an iPhone?

If that's the case, this thing won't be able to hold the Big 3's jock straps...

Hitman07693095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Nintendo Wii sports a palm pilot processor and it has Super Mario Galaxy 2 which looks amazing, what more can you ask for? More can be done with this system than you might think. Take a look at the iPad games out right now if you need further convincing friends :).

Ju3095d ago

For 1080p games this CPU is a joke. Even 720p will be no competition to current gen consoles. I have no idea what graphics chip they'll be using or how much VMem they will put in, but it will be a low power device optimized for 1080 video streaming (in HW). Gaming needs discrete raw horse power. A internet TV box needs fast decoder, a big hard drive and low power consumption. So far, this thing designed as a gaming device is an afterthought at max. Hardly designed to compete against current gen consoles.

Mista T3095d ago

yeah lol, watch me. I can run Pac man and Pong in 1080p, mah console must be the s*** :P

NYPunk883095d ago

Do you know anything about Apple's A4 CPU? It's pretty beast. I'd do a quick search to get some details.

Kakkoii3095d ago

Actually no, the A4 SoC in the iPad isn't a beast at all. It's a shitty little Arm Cortex A8 (with some motherboard controllers integrated) that's used in many phones and PMP's.

Hideo_Kojima3095d ago

People are failing to understand that this is not aimed at hardcore gamers.

No it will not compete with PS3 and 360.

Just like the iPad does not try to compete with gaming laptops.

People will buy this for other reasons and they will than buy a lot of apps and a couple of mini games.

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sid4gamerfreak3095d ago

oh no last thing we need is apple fanboys in n4g...

FURY__UNLEASHED3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

The Apple fanboys' hype and rage is too strong for for 360 or PS3 fanboys to battle against alone. It would take their combined forces to combat the Apple crowd. Maybe the 360 and PS3 fanboys would unite against them in an epic battle?

RememberThe3573095d ago

This might be cool to the apple heads but from what I see now it's not going to do much for me since I enjoy HD graphics very much. The video streaming sounds awesome but not the gaming part of it.

sak5003095d ago

The only good games we can expect from this will be angry birds, and other flash kind of games. Forget about solid 3d fps games.

beardpapa3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

From the rumors I read, the next Apple tv specs (which according to many sites is still really just a rumor) show that it's just an upgrade to the Apple tv. Never did it mention anything about gaming. But here we have the media construing the rumors and making it seem like it's gonna be the next Apple TV + gaming console combined into an iphone-shaped device.

This is why I don't like it when the 'journalists' out there are putting the word Apple into the same sentence as nintendo, microsoft, or sony. Sure apple said they have more apps than psp, but they're not even entirely serious about getting into core gaming.

You guys read that Valve interview about developing games on Apple's systems? They said developing on Apple took forever because every single time they spoke with Apple reps, they were entirely new people and it seemed like they were never ever going anywhere and were never serious about gaming on the platform.

This article will look really funny when this device really do show up in stores and doesn't do any gaming at all.

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taz80803095d ago

If Apple did decide to jump into the console market it could be a serious threat to the big 3. It could cause a stir but would be a bit of a long shot.

Cenobia3095d ago

IMO Apple makes the most from just being "trendy". They are constantly upgrading things just so people go and buy the newest version that is supposedly better.

I can't say I see them staying in the console "war" very long, seeing as they'll probably just release a new one that is slightly thinner and more glossy every 6 months.

Does Apple even make games? They would at least need some exclusives to be a threat.

OpenGL3095d ago

The last time they entered the console market it was an immense failure.

Also, if the next version of Apple TV uses any variation of Apple's A4 processor, it'll be considerably less powerful than even the Wii. The IBM PowerPC based CPU in the Wii is much more powerful than any ARM based CPU on the market.

The PS3 and 360's CPUs on the other hand make the A4 look like a 386.

Mista T3095d ago

one company would have to go because of the market, it would then become 3 again

Nu-Magician3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )


let's just hope we don't see another video game crash out of this

thebudgetgamer3095d ago

but theres to much quality control from the big three companies for that to happen.

its not like back in the days when anyone could just make a game and release it.

RememberThe3573095d ago

I don't think Nintendo does it and I'm not even 100% sure MS has it.

JoelT3095d ago

Titles as shovelware, there are some gems in the app store. Moving these titles from the iphone/ipad and into the living room would make things pretty interesting for the big 3. At the sametime will totally detroy everything for services like onlive.

Hitman07693095d ago

Oh Onlive, why do you insist on existing? Just kidding; har har. It reminds me of the Phantom though. A great idea that nobody really pays attention to.

tunaks13095d ago

I really don't see Apple doing well on consoles,
the whole buzz around the iPhone and iPad are the touch capabilities, how would that translate well to a console?

taz80803095d ago

Maybe they would incorporate touch like controllers to enhance games like madden or RPGs. I would be curious to see if they would try to go with a fully digital setup.

Chadness3095d ago

In a way I agree. The vast majority of games on Apple platforms now (iPhone/iPad) are aimed at the casual audience. Do you think the people who are introduced to gaming with Fruit Ninja on the subway to work every day for a few minutes are going to be the type who turn into hardcore players and actually purchase a console to match their phone?

I can see a few doing that, but not enough to make an Apple console successful.

They would have to sell the console to already existing hardcore gamers, or either go up against the Wii - both being uphill climbs of some magnitude.

Of course, this is what we all said back when we heard Microsoft was going to release a console, too. ;)

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