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With the coincidental recent release of Remedy's Alan Wake, another reputable developer is looking to finally release a title many feel is long overdue. Obsidian Entertainment, of Neverwinter Nights 2 and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II fame, is looking to bring their RPG experience into the modern world of international conspiracies and covert ops with their latest title, Alpha Protocol.

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MattyF3120d ago

Will look into the game for sure. At least worth a rent.

Kalowest3119d ago

Man, Alan Wake is scoring better then this game, i know Obsidian Entertainment are great devs, but they should have put in the extra polish time.

Montrealien3119d ago

They should have put in the extra time to polish? I though you said you knew Obsidian? lol

seriously though, myself, I have suffered through worst, Alpha protocal is a nice attempt at a spy RPG.

Kalowest3119d ago

Thanks for correcting me. "They should have put in the extra time to polish"

RagTagBnd4453119d ago

The story and rpg elements are quite good, however the game is a technical nightmare, and the cover systems sucks really hard.

andron3119d ago

I had hoped this one would be great. Well, well, more than enough other great games to play...