Xbox 360 Project Natal to Cost $149. It Will Be A Striking Success.

Some trends are obvious and not difficult to predict. As we are getting closer to the June 13 demonstration of Project Natal, which could be called “Wave”, it is more and more apparent how powerful Microsoft’s new technology will be. Nintendo and Sony may have trouble to keep the pace with an Xbox 360 that is relaunched and set to win the current generation console race.

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SOAD3119d ago

If it has good games, then people won't care about the price.

600 bucks for the PS3 was justified if you look at what games are on it. Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, etc.

MS just needs to prove that Natal has good games besides that annoying Ricochet game.

eggbert3119d ago

the PS3 sales were not very good when it was at $600 price tag. Remember all of the DOOMED articles and whatnot.

I believe price is the biggest determining factor in customer's minds, if you think about if people really wanted the cutting edge in video games and were willing to pay for it, everyone would have High-End Gaming PC's and we'd all be playing games with graphics levels relative to Crysis 1 at max settings.

That's not feasible because people aren't willing to spend the money for the higher quality graphics.

If Project Natal (Or MicroWave) really comes out for $149.99, i'm expecting the sales to be pretty slow until a price drop occurs. It should be something like Sony's PS3 where the beginning sales were lacking, but then exploded once a price drop (and Slim model) occurred.

SOAD3119d ago

No, I think I'm fully correct. In the long-term if MS supports Natal really well, then it will compel consumers to purchase it. The PS3 sold well because the consumers were already guaranteed that it was going to be supported well. Sony has 20+ first party studios. There was no way that the PS3's library was going to suffer.

Microsoft right now doesn't have very many first party studios, but a lot of third party developers have expressed interest in Natal and Move, so maybe Natal will get a lot of third party support the way 360 has. Also, one of Microsoft's first party studios, RARE, has been awfully quiet for a very long time. For years, RARE hasn't announced any major titles other than Perfect Dark XBLA and Banjo and Kazooie games. I think maybe RARE has been working on Natal for a while.

eggbert3119d ago

the kind of people microsoft is targeting with project Natal have any idea about the amount of first party titles microsoft has under their games division. Natal is targeted at casuals, and they're not very well-informed as to the situation regarding first party studios.

I'm literally expecting Microsoft to just try and build immense amounts of hype for Natal at E3. If they don't get enough hype going, then the developers won't be really that interested in it. Same logic goes for Move. If there isn't interest in the product, why would they want to develop something for it. That would just mean some lost money for them.

I think Natal has a better chance at succeeding than Move does, but Microsoft is going to really need to stir up a lot of interest to get the ball rolling. Witht eh playstation move, I'm expecting the casuals to just see it as a Wii.

In fact, Microsoft should probably start up some kind of smear campaign against the Move, and make it seem like a glorified Wii or something. It's underhanded, but smear campaigns are brutally effective when they work.

Hopefully RARE will have something good up their sleeve though, they took a shot in the leg ever since the N64 days.

aryan_irani3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

yes the ps3's sucess wasnt as much as it is today with the $299 price tag but when the ps3 was even more expensive than that it was keeping up with the 360 world wide when the 360 was half its price. at $399, the ps3 was outselling the 360 world wide. all those ps3 is doomed articles were just people hating on the ps3. people seem to forget the 360 launched 2 years before the ps3 without any competition, thats how it got its huge lead and the gap is getting less and less

Gamehead363119d ago

With the correct advertising campaign natal will sell assloads. Sad, but true.

Personally I just don't see how natal can be fun long term. It'll be fun to play with on a few occasions but at the end of the day people want a deep experience, and I believe natal cannot supply that. Also, I wanna sit in my comfy chair, not jump around all day. If I want to move around, I'll go bust some ass on the basketball court. However, I believe I am speaking for the hardcore. The casual is unpredictable, and I predict natal will be a success, not in valuable play experiences, but rather sales. Believe me when I say that Microsoft's ad campaign will sell this thing.

Imalwaysright3119d ago

I would take you seriously if you werent comparing a console with a camera. Also you shouldnt forget that the PS3 is the successor of the most successful consoles ever: PS One and PS2. Many of those € 600 PS3 were sold because of the brand name alone.

MS has yet to show us, gamers, a reason to spend €150 on a camera and until they do i really dont see how Natal can be a commercial success.

IdleLeeSiuLung3119d ago

If the price really is $150, then I think there will be a lot of promotional sales type things. Just look at the Xbox 360 Elite, it's MSRP is $300, but you frequently get extra controller, gift card or games when you buy the machine. So something like that wouldn't be out of the question.

From the sound of it Natal already has a lot of third party support. Another thing is a Wii Fit at $100 could sell well not to mention the $200 Rock Band/Guitar Hero packages, then I really don't see why a $150 accessory with innovative game play can't.

Anon19743119d ago

I don't think Natal is a bad idea. Quite the contrary, I think that for a small family it's actually a fairly decent value at $150 when you start considering what Wii-Motes, nunchuk controllers, Wii-Motion plus and battery packs and chargers all add up to.

The problem I think Natal faces is the Wii. If it were Natal by itself I think Microsoft would have something, but facing off against the Wii, what chance do they have. Casuals don't read the websites, they don't get hyped about new games coming out and they don't keep informed about things. Your casual buyer is going to see the Xbox with Natal at $299, then look over and see the Wii, all slim and shiny, at less then $200 with Mario happily waving at them.

They've heard about the Wii, their friends have them, they know kid-friendly Mario. They aren't going to consider what extra controllers will cost, they have no clue what Wii-motion plus is, none of that will even enter into their minds as they pick up Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario Kart and leave the stores with a Wii under their arms and without a second thought for the Xbox with Natal.

And if they do start looking at spending $299 for an Xbox and Natal, what else do we know that costs $299 but comes complete with a Blu-Ray player. Dad's do the shopping for their families when it comes to tech, and I don't know a single data that, if sent out to spend $299 on a game console, wouldn't come home with a PS3 under his arm if he had the choice because dads like stuff for dads. I know I do. So if price isn't so much of an issue, a dad's going to buy a PS3 with a BluRay player versus an Xbox with a camera every single time, and they're going to grab a copy of LittleBigPlanet and lie to their wives that the PS3 is for the kids.

It's not that there's anything really wrong with Natal that we know of, it's that it just won't be able to stand up to the competition when it comes to the casual market.

Rainstorm813119d ago

If you expect natal to be more successful than move it must be off hype alone, right?

Sony has so many first party studios let alone the 3rd party devs wanting to make move games.

Sony just has far more developers, I think MS may win the hype battle but i think Sony may win the battle for best content.
It would only be history repeating itself.

BTW i agree darkride, Wii's price point will be appealing & PS3 feature set will be appealing to casuals more than what 360 has to ofeer with far.

morganfell3119d ago

The doomed articles didn't occur because of PS3 sales. If you actually go back and look the PS3 was selling out yet you had people like the editor of EGM, Dan Hsu, putting articles about the PS3's demise on the cover BEFORE IT HAD EVEN LAUNCHED IN THE EU.

The PS3 has done nothing but gain ground since launch yet the articles kept appearing. As the PS3 sales gre, so did the appearance of "Teh PS3 is teh doomed."

blackbeld3118d ago

Until Natal is lag free then it won't sell. $149,- is expensive like the 360 it self. Its gonna be difficult to sell Natal at that price.

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xTruthx3119d ago

"the PS3 sales were not very good when it was at $600 price tag. Remember all of the DOOMED articles and whatnot"

Yet it manged to be the 3rd fastest selling console of all time

Tony-A3119d ago

And THE fastest selling home console in UK history until it got beat out by the Wii, but it was still the fastest to reach 1 million in UK.

And the second fastest selling gaming platform in UK history (second to PSP but probably third now).

Pekka3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

@DWeezy: That is not possible. Wii was released in UK 3 months BEFORE Playstation 3 (Wii was released december 2006 and PS3 march 2007). So Wii couldn't have beaten PS3 as a fastest selling console after PS3 release.

-Alpha3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

I agree with SOAD it all depends on the games and a lot of interest has been shown, but that doesn't mean any of them will be good. If third parties can get a lot out of the product then good. But SOAD, the PS3 when it launched had no real killer app or a strong enough library to justify the price. Natal would need a very, very strong library of exclusive games that are unique to the motion control. I believe that the casual market will love Natal though. I can easily see skateboarding games, family games, etc. being the primary games that would very easily get people to buy the console. Nintendo has taught us not to underestimate the casuals and I think if MS plays its cards right they can easily appeal to them. But really, Natal could just as well flop. The arcade bundle is rumored for $299 but $150 for standalone seems hefty, especially for the core 360 audience.

E3 will reveal all I guess. I wish people would stop making articles based around the price drop rumor.

HolyOrangeCows3119d ago

As for the price, I say that it's at LEAST $100. Even low end IR cameras aren't cheap, and Microsoft will probably make it cost 4x what it's worth, like their other peripherals.

As for it being "A striking success"? We'll see. They've built the 360 on Halo, COD, and Gears. They had BETTER bring the cheaper bundle, because the current userbase isn't going to carry this thing by themselves.

Bigpappy3119d ago

If it were $50, this thing would sell out just on pre-orders. Having it at $150 gives me a better chance at getting one. I am going to bet that M$ is not going to be able to meet demand at launch.

PS3 owners should be aware that Move is not cheap either. To start you need PS-Eye ($30), then you need the wand with the bulb (Move)($60), then for some games, like fighting games, you need a second Move ($60), other games, like Socom, require a sub-controller (not priced, guess at least $40). That is over $200 for one player. Then you still have to think about having to store all those pieces. I think Sony needs to bite the bullet again and sell the full set I listed for less than Natal.

Omegasyde3119d ago

Microsoft is going for the Wii crowd in particular ...

Its going for the WII FIT CROWD.

Natal = Microsoft's wii fit.

Ult iMate3119d ago

And how much does WiiFit cost? $150?

Dragun6193119d ago

Both Move and Natal are aiming for Wii Crowd

Natal could have a striking success with the 3D Space with Camera
But Move has better chances with the PSEye and PS Move
PSEye + PS Move = 2D space with Camera + 3D space with Motion Controls Bonus 3D Enabled and Buttons

If Sony Capitalized on those features, I would think we could see games for Natal and Wii go multiplat. Body tracking can easily translate to PS Move given the fact that PS Move is built on Precision and can move in 3D space.

shoddy3119d ago

didn't you guys seen Move on RE5 and Socom?
Sony is aiming at everybody.

this article is garbage.

Unicron3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

I agree with Soad. It will always be about the GAMES. I just find it funny that NOW we finally have people saying $600 was justified in the face of a possible $150 peripheral.

How time sorts things...

Personally, I care not for Natal nor Move, I prefer controllers. Though I do want to see what Natal could do for PC / TV interface.

D4RkNIKON3119d ago

I accidentally hit disagree when I completely agree with you. My bad

Dragun6193119d ago

I'm pretty sure people would care about the price whether there's good games or not. You have to take into consideration that people don't have tons of cash lying around to buy such an Add on and a game.

I dunno if it will be a Striking Success either. I mean the majority of Xbox360's demographic is into Shooters and would they really be actually interested in Natal or rather spend $150 on games like Medal of honor, Crysis 2,and Call of Duty, Blk Ops. Which all of them are due to release during the fall/ holiday season. Unless of course if Rare has an FPS game for natal that blows our mind during MS Conference.

Godmars2903119d ago

$600 for a PS3 was justified for everything it did from play games to BR movies and regular DVD upscaling.

Natal's going to be gaming - 1-2 Wii-level titles, nevermind hardcore - and a UI that's proabbly going to have a heavy reliance on Gold XBL. That on top of needing a 360. If all of that's not together at launch, if the UI is something that has to come later and in pieces via upgrades and downloads, then Natal is going to be nothing but an uphill mess.

lelo2play3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

This is starting to remind me of PSP GO ... with it's exorbitant price tag.
Microsoft should take a look at the sales of PSP GO before selling Natal at $149.

But ... i was surprised that Wii fitness sold like crack with a expensive price tag of $100.

Can Microsoft pull it off... time will tell.

Denethor_II3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

"that annoying Ricochet game"

It's called "The Big Red Ball Smashing Party Extreme" pfft, has some respect!

bjornbear3119d ago

PS3 = console

Natal =! Console, add on to console.

don't compare...please, totally wrong.

+ as said by eggbert...PS3 didn't sell that well at an inflated price...and nor will Natal with that RIP OFF

ProjectVulcan3118d ago

Dont see it. A casual new in the market is not going to be sucked in by a 300 dollar price tag for a bundle when wii is under 200.

If you already bought a 360 then you already have certain expectations from the type of games you want to play on it. Natal will challenge those conventions, and for this price, I dont see it working

Rageanitus3118d ago

Is that it was well worth it because of the blu-ray drive alone and we knew the games will eventualy come. Only the h8rs tried to bash the price point.

Problem with natal is that its an expensive piece of peripheral connected to a low priced console. Realisticaly its gonna be hard sell just on price due to the sheer price point.... then again i might be wrong because some xbox fans buy the over priced hard drive and wireless device.

Deafman4203118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

Maybe to you, but not to some other people

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Hallmark Moment3119d ago ShowReplies(2)
Shamuz3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Only time will tell.

OGharryjoysticks3119d ago

Wii could drop price to 150 this holiday and casuals care about the Wii more anyway. And if Sony drops price on the PS3 around the time Natal launches it will look even worse for Microsoft because PS3 has or will have blu-ray, 3D, and the Move which is going to be cheaper (plus it has *rumble* and is more accurate)

crapgamer3119d ago

I think 4 or 5 million Natal or Wave's could be sold this year. It's Holiday time and people usually want to buy the "newest thing" and that's the best bet IMO. I know for me and a lot of other 360 owners are going to not only want a Natal but a slim 360 as well. It's a day one purchase, so the $299 bundle or whatever is right up my ally.
As for the price tag alone of $150, when you think about it, that's all you need for people to play in the same house, while with "move" you will have to buy more controllers, which could end up costing well over the price of Natal and maybe north of $200.
As for Rare, I think they are working on Natal as well as a new Perfect Dark game for next year. I'd love to see another Viva Pinata game from them, they are so underrated and inventive, one would work great with Natal even.

scofios3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

If you think rare is going to make natal shine with viva pinata and your older then 10 year , then your up for a surprise . Now that we are talking about rare please tell me what did they bring on the table this gen that's worth mentioning ?

Myze3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

I have got bad news for you: if you seriously think 5 million $150 Natal machines are going to be sold in three months or so (if end of October release date is true), you are way overestimating.

This isn't Halo, and it's 3x the price of a game. No matter how many people are able to use it, it's still too much for a lot of people to spend at once. I don't doubt that it will sell well, but I would consider reaching 1-2 mil before the end of the year to be good.

The amount that it sells is going to be greatly dependent on what games are available. At the moment, all we know is that a lot of people are making games for it, but until E3, that means nothing. If all that is announced are "party games" and "look-what-you-can-do-wit h-this!" gimmick games, it will not have a lasting impact, because that ship has sailed through the efforts of Nintendo. However, I'm sure many people, including me, are looking forward to what is gonna come out. I'm also looking forward to what games are gonna be shown for the Move.

Omegasyde3119d ago

Global Economic Recession say's hi. And the Wii is cheaper.