Microsoft dead-set on mobile and games after shake-up

Microsoft Corp's move to shake up the leadership of its mobile and games division this week -- giving Chief Executive Steve Ballmer direct control over the push to catch up with Apple Inc and Google Inc in the exploding smartphone market -- revealed its determination to ride the next wave of computing.

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tinybigman3069d ago

With my motorola droid and itouch.

BattleAxe3069d ago

Microsoft has no direction. They need to concentrate more on the PC with Games for Windows and LIVE on PC. The Zune is going nowhere and Natal will fail. I want MS to bring its XBOX business to the PC in every way.

Kalowest3070d ago

I like MS and Bill Gates, i just hate Steve Ballmer, he is single handily destroying everything MS has made.

PirateThom3070d ago

I like him, he's hilarious.

SOAD3069d ago

Steve Ballmer once emphasized developers in a Microsoft conference. Hopefully, since he has direct control over the gaming division, he will follow through with his convictions and acquire more developers for the xbox.

BattleAxe3069d ago


pwnsause3069d ago

"IM GOING TO [email protected]#%ING KILL GOOGLE!!!!111111"
-Steve Balmer

after he lost one of his best devs to google. aparently he thew a chair while he said this...

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8thnightvolley3069d ago

restructing its business could be a good thing, and they have to adapt to the changing word of tech and social networking including and ever need of advancement of console gaming knwing its a fixed platform with non upgradable hardware. wish them good luck thou hope natal helps em .. if not things wouldnt be nice.

Dance3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

about time

Anon19743069d ago

Mobile, yes, but games? This article has nothing to say about Microsoft's plans for the games division only telling us what we already know, they make a killing of Microsoft live. I've been following these changes and articles written about Apple now overtaking Microsoft and most analysts, and articles written about the shakeup, don't even mention the games industry at all instead focusing only on Microsoft's smart phone ambitions.

Microsoft is dead set on making a go with mobile apps but really, what do we know about their plans with the Xbox. With 360 sales declining, software revenues declining and Microsoft themselves admitting that developers are losing interest in the 360 all I can see coming down the pipes for the game division is Natal. If that doesn't kickstart things - and it won't - what else do they have to stay competitive?

SOAD3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

Stop spreading lies.

soxfan20053069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

"all I can see coming down the pipes for the game division is Natal".

I guess you're not expecting Halo Reach, Fable 3, or Gears of War 3 to sell much. Natal is an accessory. It will not make or break the 360. MS's bread & butter is hardcore games, and there is a lot of bread and butter coming in the next year.

"With 360 sales declining".

The most recent data shows 360 INCREASING year over year, even in April, which was a horrible month for gaming in general.

Anon19743069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

@ SOAD. Before you start making accusations, why not find out if what I said is true or not? Why not ask for a link, or check it out yourself? I would have been happy to tell you where that information was coming from and you wouldn't have had to resort to school yard namecalling. We're all gamers here, talking about the hobby we love. Please try to keep it civil.
10-Q, filed by Microsoft on April 22nd 2010 with the Securities and Exchange commission.

"EDD revenue decreased reflecting decreases in Xbox 360 platform and PC game revenue, as well as decreased revenue from the non-gaming portion of the business. Xbox 360 platform and PC game revenue decreased $240 million or 5% due mainly to decreased Xbox 360 consoles sold, decreased revenue per console, and decreased revenue from Xbox 360 video games....
(and then further on)....blah blah blah decreased $82 million or 6%, primarily reflecting decreased third-party development."

Decreased third-party development. Decreased sales. Decreased software revenue. Decreased revenue per console. It's been like this for four quarters now and understandably Microsoft doesn't focus on the negatives but instead looks for the silver lining when they release their PR statements.

Microsoft can't spin this information when they report it to the SEC as they're publicly traded so to get the true story, that's the best place to start.

Unlike what Soxfan2005 says, the most recent, official data from Microsoft shows continued declines. In fact, every single quarter for the last 4 quarter Microsoft has posted year over year declines in 360 sales. That's a full year now. And here's Microsoft's own data to prove it. I have no idea where Soxfan2005 is getting his information from. Probably the NPD's best guess on the one region they cover.

Raypture3069d ago

Running windows 7 on a phone is a bad idea, how many times do I have to say it, I'm not sure what kind of processors you could put in a phone, but the motorola droid is expected to have a 1Ghz one, windows 7 REQUIRES a 1Ghz processor, little power would be left for other stuff.

I find the "death of traditional pc" something people say anytime a new device comes in, people are still using PC's, they just use phones and such when away from them, something as small as a phone will never match the power of large PC's, and the screen size is a big factor, I like my moniter because it's bigger than other stuff like the iPad or iPhone, and I find it laughable they market the iPad as powerful when it's barely faster (in specs) than my 4 year old computer. Thing is people say something is dying anytime something new comes out, Thatres would be dead with the advent of TV, CD's would be dead with the advent of the iPod and iTunes-- oh wait both of those are still there.

bobcostus3069d ago

Dude, it's windows 7 MOBILE, not the actual windows 7... rofl

Raypture3069d ago

Doesn't change the fact that it will eat up a bunch of resources, especially if they have to have their aero themed things. Knowing M$ they'll cut off features from the actual windows 7 put it in there and call it a phone OS.

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