Bungie Weekly Update - 05/28/10

Bungie: Right now, as your ocular organs convert this ensemble of light and information into electro-chemical impulses, men and women of industry from all walks of life are busy building what we’ve been calling the most ambitious game in Bungie’s history. We have not been blowing smoke up your skirt. Though just about every aspect of Reach has been playable in one form or another for quite some time now, the days when months (and sometimes years) of hard work finally come to fruition right before our very eyes are upon us.

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Convas3123d ago

How, I was JUST about to post this! Guess I'm too slow.

On another note, DIZAAMM! Get a load of those Medals and Commendations! Man o Man! E3 is going to ROCK!

Dance3123d ago

wow a lot of content in the beta was placeholders

SixZeroFour3122d ago

im loving the onyx commendations...i was trying to work up to that in the beta, but i only got to gold on headshots, assist and technician