Rumor: Backbreaker for sale early at some GameStops

"It looks like there is even more late breaking news this Friday. Not only have WF found out the demo date for NCAA Football 11, but it looks like Backbreaker is selling prior to its anticipated release date at many GameStop locations."


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cain1413119d ago

I'm amazed it's selling anywhere...

Kidding, I actually really enjoyed the Demo. Not a Madden Killer, but a fun game...

Simon_Brezhnev3119d ago

wish the PSN had the demo for them to do it exclusive to Live for now is pretty stupid they probably lost some sales because of that.

italianbreadman3119d ago

I still have yet to find an NFL Blitz killer. :-p

cain1413119d ago

Haha well no one can even use NFL teams. So keep looking...

Clumzyagent3119d ago

I still need to try out the demo. Is that any fun?

dangert123119d ago

i don't like american football but the camera angles and impact intrigited me not im getting it =)

Ziriux3119d ago

I'm sure the publisher and GameStop have some sort of a deal.

cain1413119d ago

I'd agree. I doubt they are just breaking street dates...

mr durand pierre3119d ago

I never did understand why it matters if street date is broken. It's not like the last Harry Potter book where they have to worry about the plot of BackBreaker getting ruined.

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