ESRB Outs XBLA Exclusive Alien Breed 2: Assault

Just twenty-four hours after Team17 announced that Alien Breed: Impact is on its way to PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Network, the ESRB have outed a sequel, Alien Breed 2: Assault.

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Cajun Chicken3123d ago

Oh come on, give up on the timed exclusives Team 17. Just as PSN gets Worms, XBLA gets Worms 2: Armageddon, just as PSN gets Alien Breed Evolution, this comes out. Damn annoying.

mjolliffe3123d ago

Just when PSN gamers are about to have the ability to get what was an XBL exclusive, XBL gets a sequel exclusive!

Well, at least we now know it'll be a timed exclusive...

Sounds good though + I look forward to seeing it on my PS3 or 360!

Cajun Chicken3123d ago

At least our version of AB:E has added extras, I guess.

Godmars2903123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

Really only matters if you just *have* to play these games day-one when they're out on the other system, which you happen not to own.

That doesn't sound the least bit sad to you?

Would really love to an XBL or PSN that justified buying a 360 or PS3. Being *The* first game you buy for a system.

Cajun Chicken3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

I could get it on XBLA on my 360, but 20GB isn't going to go that far.
I've much more room on the PS3 and prefer my arcade games on that unless we're talking full exclusives on XBLA.

XBLA games in the past have a terrible habit of making you buy episodes or 'packs' which cost half the original game for more levels, themes, etc, with the PS3 versions, it's usually bundled with the DLC with an acceptable price and the online features are free to play.

I'd actually say Shadow Complex is a pretty good XBLA game that could tempt people to buying a 360. Myself, I just HAD to get Geometry Wars and Rez HD.

Elven63122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

If you're starting to run low on 360 storage space why not use an external hard drive or USB stick now that the OS supports them? (up to 16GB each at least)

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astar1234567893123d ago

when is the box going to learn time exclusive suck and a waste of money your paying all this money for 6-12 month ok just pay for the game and sony would say thanks we will wait because we rather have games in stead of of dlc or or pay to have a game that will come anyway to keep going m$ because they love your dumb a&s you pay to put it on ps3 so thanks!!

Dance3123d ago

Red Dead, UFC 2010 and Batman AA ring a bell?

Demons Souls3123d ago

You mean like how all 3 of those games aren't timed exclusives? Or maybe you were talking about the exclusive DLC in all 3 of those games that the PS3 has which also isn't timed exclusive, but 100% exclusive.

3123d ago
movements3123d ago

Looking forward to this indeed. Sounds like fun!