Sequels I'd Like to See Part 1

Game-Smack Ireland: Let’s face it, franchises are everywhere now. No matter what console you prefer chances are you’re looking forward to a sequel of some sort. From your Halo’s to your Gran Tourismos to the next Zelda. With publishers and developers realising the potential in these franchises, many of them are now been rebooted after many years of being dormant, most recently Xcom.

Some games featured in this list last made their appearance as recently as 2008 but others haven’t even been heard of since early 1990’s. I must admit though, some games featured are completely guilty pleasures and you probably won’t agree with me but that’s fine. Sound off in the comments section with your own list.

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dizzleK3119d ago

freedom fighters
the suffering
panzer dragoon
dino crisis