Playdead: Limbo Not Coming to PS3 or PC

It looks like the upcoming XBLA platformer Limbo isn't headed to the PS3 or PC after all. After the ESRB listed the game for the two additional platforms, Joystiq contacted Playdead for more information and, according to Playdead's Dino Patti, the game is not coming to either the PC or PS3.

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ironfist923035d ago

Doesnt matter, LBP has better levels anyway

N4PS3G3035d ago

because i bet you played limbo and also because they are sooo similar ..right? :)

ShinMaster3034d ago

But I guess it looks kinda cool...

pixelsword3034d ago

In LBP you can replicate the entire game.

ShinMaster3034d ago

Haha that's true, I've seen creations in LBP that look very similar to that game, at least from what I saw in that video.

t0mmyb0y3035d ago

wtf is limbo, and why does ps3 or pc care?

Thatguy-3103032d ago

E ps3 owners are lucky enough to have LBP2 well be able to create this whole game making the experience better and funner :) let alone we have to give props because limbo still looks like a good game like the looks and the environment :)