Dear Sony: How to Get Your Go Back

The PSPgo has been source of controversy since its semi-leaked announcement last year. While Sony thought it would take them into the future, the device isn’t even catching ground in Japan, let alone the US or Europe. Is its large price point the only problem or are there more things to blame? Can Sony save its latest PSP? Or is it going, going…gone?

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-Alpha3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

Until a good price drop happens no one is going to care.

I don't even think it's the price drop, it's just a ridiculous facelift to the PSP3000 model. Who in their right mind would buy it?

PSP owners? It's like buying a PS3 slim when you own a PS3 fatty.
New owners? Why not just get the PSP for cheaper?
Hardcore portable gamers? Yeah, definitely.

I can only see hardcore portable gamers or people who really favor Digital Distribution to the point of spending $250 wanting a Go. But the problem remains, Why get a Go when you can get the same thing, provided you don't already have it, for much, much cheaper?

Couple that with the fact that the PSP is so old, it's $50 away from a more feature-enriched PS3, and that the PSP2 rumors are heating up and it's just not a wise investment for the average gamer.

N4GAddict3041d ago

A price drop would certainly help.

doctorstrange3041d ago

They've really got to make the Go price competitive

N4GAddict3041d ago

Not just Go but all their SKUs need a price reduction.

sikbeta3041d ago

Not Just Go, DD Games too...

n4gno3041d ago

You can't compare psp with ps3, or others "big consoles"..

and if someone want a portable, the best one (graphics, screen, functionalities, etc) the psp is the choice to go....and the go, a smaller, lighter, with better design and controlers, one.

NoBias3041d ago

Because my wallet compares the two pretty well.

The GO just isn't worth it for $50 less than a PS3... An ENTIRE CONSOLE!

ThanatosDMC3040d ago

Price of the games on PSN need to drop. Also those comics and those tv series episodes. $2 per episode is over priced compared to retail which less than $0.72 each.

They also need to churn out more PS1 games and keep putting more PSP titles on PSN. I'll be sorely disappointed if Peace Walker doesnt come on PSN.

NeutralGamer3040d ago

I sold my PSP Go and the reason for it was that I couldnt play Crisis Core and upcoming Kingdom Hearts...

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N4GAddict3041d ago

Great article. I think the PSP will slowly die

sikbeta3041d ago

It can happen, PSP sold a Lot, so maybe PSP2 is not far away...

ftwrthtx3041d ago

to the people who already own a PSPgo.

Faztkiller3041d ago

$100 price drop?
That would help

hoops3041d ago

PSPgois a joke. The price is even worse. What the hell was SOny thinking with the PSPgo? They create a masterpiece with the PS3 and then they abort out the PSPgo....

n4gno3041d ago

ridiculous, non sens, the joke is your logic.

the go is just a new design (with blutooth, etc), a beautifull piece of technology, sony did'nt kill the psp 3000 for that, it's just another proposition (usefull to know if people like "download only console"...but it's to soon, it works for the iphone, it can work for consoles, but with better bandwith, better prices, etc)

ThanatosDMC3040d ago

Also, it has built in 16gb. 16gb pro duo + PSP-3000 = PSP Go's price.

NeutralGamer3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

Yeah but PSP 3000 can atleast play all PSP games...

PSP Go can only play 15 % of all PSP Games and at a very high price... 40 bucks for Dantes Inferno? I mean come on


The reason why "download only" works for iphone is that ALL TITLES come up at the app store.. Its not like Sony only putting sh*t up on PSN... The last months the PSP PSN have gotten some real sh*tty updates which made me sell my PSP Go...

Also you can't play the next kingdom hearts on it -.-

ThanatosDMC3035d ago

Yeah, i wanted that yugioh game... but it's not on PSN. I'm drowning my PSP Go time on harvest moon when im not on my PS3 and have some bore time.

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