Retro Rewind - Goldeneye 007

Released by Rare in 1997, Goldeneye 007 by many accounts, was the reason that people purchased a Nintendo 64. It was received warmly by critics around the world and outsold many other popular games of the time - cementing its place as one of the highest selling console games of all time. There were many reasons that this game was well received. Best of all, it was one of those elusive games that actually performed very well as a video game based on a movie (now, if only we could get a movie doing the same thing). Why is the game such a fantastic addition to any classic gamers’ library? How has this game stood the tests of time and continued to be a Friday night favorite?

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Fierce Musashi3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

One of the best shooters of all time. Good times, good times.

Cheat Menu, activating cheats in-game and the EXTREMELY fun multiplayer.

N4GAddict3119d ago

The multiplayer is still awesome

N4GAddict3119d ago

They need to bring GoldenEye to XBLA

diego7503119d ago

Maybe you wont believe it but Goldeneye is still my favorite game. I dont play it a lot but there has not been any game that can beat it, for me. Me and some friends still play it, we go crazy and we remember the old good times. FANTASTIC GAME!!

NYC_Gamer3119d ago

one of the best shooters ever created.....

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