Gamer Chat: Torrence Davis (The Bitbag) vs Haipa Sonikku on Microsoft’s relevance in the industry

Earlier today, I was in a Skype Chat with Torrence Davis aka Captain Opinion of The on Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada’s comment of Versus XIII multiplatform as mentioned on his podcast, The Warzone #89. This started on Wednesday May 26th, when Lex Yayo 407, blip, Blade, and I were listening to his podcast on iTunes as requested by fans and we were having a good time getting at the topic discussion. After the 2:27:40 time mark and beyond until the topic discussion ended, I posted this his Skype Chat window which lead to this conversation. This is what transpired.

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mikeslemonade3070d ago

Dammit they were talking about 3 things at once!

Microsoft has no soul, so I agree with Haipa on that note.

I agree with Torrence that Nintendo has done nothing with hardware. Even Nintendo themselves didn't think the Wii would be successful. The hardware is all hype and when Nintendo releases their next system it will not be as successful as Wii 1. Angry Hardcore gamers are not pleased with what they offer in games. They simply bought into the hype. "Oh it's cheap, oh it's motion, oh it has Wiifit and all these other cool peripherals, and oh i think I will buy it".

Nintendo did nothing right. They couldn't get the online right either. THe only thing was they somehow generated insane hype. Sony's Move will do it right for the gamers.

N4GAddict3070d ago

Microsoft contributed a lot of good and bad to the industry.

-Alpha3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

My only problems with Microsoft is that the features of XBL are getting old and they need more to offer, faulty hardware, and their inability to secure more of their own exclusives.

XBL was great when it first came about and even was a great reason to purchase a 360 next to the PS3 when the PS3 launched. But MS needs to up their ante and offer much better incentives than "play online". I understand that MS charged to help build XBL and I don't mind that. MS knows how to do online and if Sony did it before they did I'm sure Sony would've charged too, it just makes sense for the business. I'm hoping with the removal of original XBL support XBL can start to deliver more and better features for the fee.

In regards to their hardware if there is one company that will take hardware more seriously next gen it's Microsoft. They simply can't afford to make the mistake again and surely they've learned from it.

And as for the games, they have good exclusives, but I'd like to see them do more in terms of building up their own parties.

I think what I'll remember MS for is the way they pushed online gaming with games like Halo. XBL is a great place for the competitive community especially games like Halo and MLG. Much like how Sony opened the audience and made games "cool" and more teen/adult oriented MS lead online for platforms. They proved themselves to be a significant competitor for the industry and I think they brought out the better side of Sony than Nintendo would have this gen.

blipboy743070d ago

@tigersnake, what good have they contributed to the industry and what bad?

Moonboots3070d ago

Why is it when I set the strict filter on N4G stuff like this still shows up?

Is there a way to filter out for specific sites?

I know this is offtopic but maybe someone can PM me with info?


ALFAxD_CENTAURO3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Interesting, made me realize some things about MS.

''Japan is about beating the US.

[3:04:15 PM] tordavis: period.

[3:04:13 PM] tordavis: Japan is about beating the US.

[3:04:15 PM] tordavis: period.

[3:04:29 PM] tordavis: Sony and Nintendo could give a fuck about microsoft

[3:04:31 PM] Haipa Sonikku vs OrochinagiZER0 EX: Yeah. So is South Korea.

[3:04:33 PM] tordavis: they want to beat the us

[3:04:53 PM] tordavis: They’ve been beating the US for years in video games

[3:05:07 PM] tordavis: in fact, video games have always been japanese dominated until the xbox

[3:05:31 PM] tordavis: that was the first US console to grab any marketshare since the 32x LOL

[3:05:31 PM] Haipa Sonikku vs OrochinagiZER0 EX: They would if Microsoft was growing the industry instead of their pockets with bullshit ass DLC simply because of that 1996 storage tech of theirs.''


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