ModNation Racers pre-order DLC codes fetching a fortune on eBay

The pre-order DLC codes for ModNation Racers, which contains some of the more popular Sony characters, are selling at high prices on eBay.

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mjolliffe3122d ago

Unsurprising, I suppose... :)

Great game anyway!

playstation_clan3122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

you can download them from the community, just enjoy the game
EDIT: kevin bulter is my favorite character

Light Yagami3122d ago ShowReplies(2)
LevDog3122d ago

This game is the Shyt.. I was surprised on how much Im enjoying it.. I havent yelled in frustration or gotten the sweaty palms from a video game in a long time..

Its been since MarioKart 64 Ive had this much fun with a racing game.. And with the creativity of the game..

Its better than MarioKart hands down..

claterz3122d ago

MK is more fun, after playing MNR for a week i'm getting really annoyed at how over powered all the weapons are, never felt that when playing mk lol

klado3122d ago

We all know you said that for the sake of contradicting what the above of you wrote... For the other side, why mention something better that the another thing, mario car is a classic, if we are talking of the 64's time, but MNR certainly is better than the mario cart WII, hand damn down.


despair3122d ago

@claterz really doesn't sound like you've played mario kart if you think the weapons are not overpowered, starpower, lightning,giant mushroom and the ever so crappy spike shell that on its way to kill first place takes out anyone who crosses its path, yea thats not overpowered.

And for the record in MNR you have to collect 3 power ups for a weapon to become really powerful and you can still defend against it with a shield, know when its approaching as well as if you get hit you lose one of your power up levels, so other than a cheating AI sometimes its pretty balanced for me.

LevDog3122d ago

HAHA OMG.. Talk about over analyzing my comment.. But since you can really understand my comment.. Because I said SINCE Mario kart.. Then I went on to say that Mod is better because of the creativity and now that i experienced the online.. Online too

claterz3122d ago

Well I wasn't trolling at all, it's just my opinion. The weapons ARE over powered, even the level 1 weapons (only 1 pod pickup) will stop you for 3 seconds while people who were 10 seconds back overtake you. On mario kart the weapons realy are not over powered since you almost never get decent items lol, 90% of the time on mk you get bananas, green shell.
Maybe I should have said all the things that make the game awesome, because there are a lot, I love the game but I just don't think it's as good as MK, well maybe mario kart Wii lol.
People really don't like honest opinions here on N4G lol, maybe I should just praise everything that gets posted..

LevDog3122d ago

Fair enough.. I havent found the weapons to be too powerful.. But frustrating.. Since they are all equal powered but delivered different.. It just doesnt bother me because I can pick up a item bubble just as easily as the next guy.. And I think thats where the shield comes in.. It has saved my butt numerous times.. I think its more a strategy thing.. They give you a shield and make you pay if you dont time it right.. or if your over zealous on your boosting, which depletes your energy bar..

I think its great makes you think alot more than just race and hit booters and collect item bubbles..

Akagi3122d ago

This always happens! Why are people so dumb?!

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