1UP: Alpha Protocol Review

It's probably worth mentioning that Alpha Protocol isn't a terribly long game. You could probably blow through the main plot in about a dozen hours, depending on how sidetracked you want to get with optional missions. That's not actually a bad thing, though. So much of the dialogue and story changes depend on your choices that it's absolutely worth revisiting at least once after the credits roll.

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animboo3041d ago

compared to other review this game is getting.

Bluemaster773041d ago

Im starting not to know what to think about AP i think ill just take a risk and buy it wish me luck lol

Elven63041d ago

The gun point scenario the reviewer described has me interested in the game, but given the technical issues I don't know if full price is worth it.

raztad3041d ago

This game somehow remembers me The Saboteur, buggy and kinda rushed but still very fun. I'd say wait for a good price drop (it will happen anyway) and then get it. I'll do.

R_aVe_N3041d ago

I agree with this score so far from what I have played I would give it the same score it is very enjoyable.

GrilledCheeseBook3041d ago

with the review scores that have been coming out, i think it has a better chance of being underrated