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Of course, one thing that ModNation PSP does have going for it over its big brother is that its loading times are generally far shorter. But beyond that, it's inferior in every way. Now, if you don't own the game on PS3, and you're looking for a solid cart racer (albeit one with a steep learning curve) for your portable, you should take a look at ModNation PSP. But if your tolerance for portable inferiority only goes so far, you're better off saving your cash for something that'll make your knuckles white with excitement, rather than frustration.

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N4GAddict3120d ago

I don't really agree with this score. MNR is awesome.

table3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

I think it's about right. Based off the demo it's nothing to shout about.

Max Power3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Did you just say "Based on the demo.."? So you judged the whole game from the demo?

Edit: I see you edited your post, but you didn't change the gist of it.

table3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

lol, i wrote 'of' instead of 'off'... silly me. And yes i did base my opinion of the game off of the demo. This is what most people do when they play demos. A poor mans mario kart is what i thought after playing it. It's not like it's so convoluted that it will be any different when playing the full game.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

The game is more fun to play it online, you can't play it Online in the demo, you are based in a demo lol, 1 map available and only single player.

That explain your comment.
''A poor mans mario kart is what i thought after playing it''

Which is not at all when you play the full game. MNR is better than Mario Kart, that's for sure, but hey, you can't figure it out that, if you don't play the full game.

Like Gametrailers half review (they reviewed the Single Player mode but not Multiplayer mode which is a BIG PLUS).

OwNizzleD3119d ago

The demo is not even close to how good and fun the actual game is.

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playstation_clan3119d ago

but the B- is being too strict

Ju3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

I agree. I have both, the PS3 and the PSP version. The game is fine on the PSP but the carts just don't handle like the ones in the PS3 version.

If you think you can just continue to race on the go after you played a couple of laps on the PS3, think again. The cars feel completely different.

You guys know this is a PSP review, right ?

table3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

I thought it was the ps3 review, ah well. I had no interest in reading it.

JonnyBigBoss3119d ago

The game has just as good of gameplay as CTR (the best kart game to date imo) but also has a bunch of customizable content. This game deserves at least an 88%.

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KratosGIRL3119d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on it!

D4RkNIKON3119d ago

It is badass, last night I was in a room with about 7 other people with mics and we passed host around so that we could all share some of our custom tracks or downloaded community tracks. We shared mods and carts too, DL and Rate. up till 5am lol had a blast.

yoghurt3119d ago

It's an amazing game! easy to pick up and play kart racer with endless variety - do yourself a favour ignore the reviews and give it a go!

Montrealien3119d ago

I agree, the only thing I dislike is the loading times, but even without that, you can see that this is amazing kart racer which is highly customizable to boot.

They do need to fix the loading times though, if you play for two hours, 15-20 minutes of that is spent watching percentages go up. I really really love this game but the loading times is killing it a little for me.

and before you disagree and penalize me yet another bubble for criticizing something ps3 related, do realize that I think this is a very good game, I just think the loading times are a little much.

The Wood3119d ago

...nah joke, the loading times are annoying

thief3119d ago

Montrealien - I think their next patch was supposed to fix load times?
And anyone who penalizes you for that comment would be a jerk, there is nothing wrong with honest criticism.

chester3119d ago

agreed. just got the game yesterday and i love the actual racing. i think they got it perfectly and the drifting and attacks work really well. if they can patch the load times i'll spend quite a bit of time with this game, but i just find myself stewing whenever i see that loading screen.

couldn't they at least change the fun facts or information on the screen during the loading? 45 seconds of looking at the exact same text and picture makes it worse. i appreciate them telling me how far along the load is, but give me something else to look at every 5 seconds.

oh well, fix it and i'll be happy. still happy i bought it.

Mo0eY3119d ago

Spent like 4-5 hours on my track yesterday. Great game.

Chicago85063119d ago

ModNationRacers is a game for gamers to have!

M not hyping it and I'm not exaggerating it.

This game is Total Fun!

I've noticed that this article is not about MNR PS3, but rather MNR PSP.
So Gamers...don't get it wrong.



Man, their menu is practically online...
U can choose where u wanna go, and at the same time u have other random gamers just driving around talking 2 u...

The game is fun...and u would be robbing yourself for not picking it up.

LOL..someone has already created Mario & Luigi on well as Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine's insane!

Game on!

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