Ten Cult, Non-Mainstream Games We Want To See At E3 2010

[email protected]: "You know what to expect from E3 2010. You're expecting the Killzone-s, Uncharted-s, the Halo-s and the Agent-s. Those big name titles that open a floodgate of hype and seem to accidentally shed money from their very inceptions. And yeah, we're looking forward to them. But if the gaming industry loves one thing (apart from boobs), it's surprises. Instead of cramming your monitor with the usual AAA titles we're hoping to see, we thought we present a list of games that might not take center stage at the show, but we'll definitely be pre-ordering day one."

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mjolliffe3070d ago

Luckily, Driver 5 was confirmed to be there. But I actually wouldn't mind seeing The Simpsons return if it's developed by someone decent...

Davoh3070d ago

Definitely want a new Age of Empires and a HD The Simpsons Hit & Run would be awesome.

dizzleK3069d ago

why you gotta tease me with redwood falls? if that move game actually isn't redwood falls i'll eat my hat.

i'd love a new simpsons game too. the last one was close to what a simpsons game should be but if they expanded springfield and had more stuff to do it would have been a better game. it needs to be a cross between hit&run and something like bully.

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The story is too old to be commented.