Publishers Like SouthPeak Gone Within 5 Years?

Hasselback writes: The game industry is constantly evolving where trends come and go while the names typically stay the same. Despite the players always jockeying for first place in the eyes of the consumer, most of those players stick around once they enter the industry. EA, Take 2 and SouthPeak are examples. But thanks to the latest evolution (or trend) in gaming, the face of the gaming world has changed so fast that many of those players may disappear very soon.

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vgn243119d ago

I think EA has more to worry about with that 10 dollar online second hand deal

AntoineDcoolette3119d ago

Lol, how is that going to phase EA? I seriously doubt there's going to be any kind of sales lost from 'boycotts' over the move.

astar1234567893119d ago

what game or games did they make?

Harry1903119d ago

to publish such awful games, why would you want them to stay aloft? I understand there are entrepreneurs behind that venture but come on, you expect to become rich by selling second rate products?

VG_Releaser3119d ago

SouthPeak keeps shoveling games that are free in your browser. Who's buying free flash games on the Wii? Don't get me started on Two Worlds, lol.

SpoonyRedMage3119d ago

SouthPeak publish a good game now and then like Mushroom Men, Dementium and 3D Dot Game Heroes.

Most of their games are trash though.

VG_Releaser3119d ago

SouthPeak picked up 3D Dot Game from someone else because Atlus didn't want to publish it in the UK. SouthPeak sucks it. Mushroom Men? really? Was that big in Europe or something?

SpoonyRedMage3119d ago

Nope, but it's a nice 3D platformer which are rare nowadays.

And even though they only picked up 3D Dot Game Heroes they should get credit, after all Atlus does get credit for all the games they publish.