NZGamer: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Review

NZGamer writes: "What we have here, then, is a solid PoP game. It's got good platformy action, with all the classic moves and loads of "this could be interesting" moments. Visually it's more than decent and the audio isn't too bad either. It doesn't push things in a new direction or expand on the formula, though, with combat feeling like a step back and in general it feels like it was made by a B Team - presumably Ubisoft's A team were working on something else. So if you like PoP or Tomb Raider, this is a great way to scratch the itch. Just don't expect it to do more than tread water in anyway whatsoever and you won't be disappointed".

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prettyboy13093d ago

prince of persia the forgotten game.they need to stick to the recent story now or end up killing the franchise