E3 2010: Three Things I'm Curious About

Bitmob's Aaron Thomas says: "The vast amount of terrible booth tour invites in my inbox can mean only one thing: E3 is right around the corner. I'm honestly not sure whether or not I'm excited for this year's show. I think 'curious' would be the best way to describe my current state of mind. Here are the three things I'm curious about going into this year's show."

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bearsfaan3119d ago

Shenmue 3: just a pipe dream

N4GAddict3119d ago

I have given up hope for it.

AAACE53119d ago

The main thing I like about E3 is you never know what to expect, so anything's possible!

atc19823119d ago

Maybe beyond good & evil 2 this year

N4GAddict3119d ago

I heard that was canceled.

TheLancer3119d ago

With Obsidian handling the new Fallout game, I want to know what Bethesda is doing. Oblivion 5?

N4GAddict3119d ago

I think you mean Elder Scrolls 5

playstation_clan3119d ago

if it cost too much, it'll be a fail.
mark my words

SOAD3119d ago

Why, so you can say you called it?

I doubt Natal's success would even depend on your opinion because you don't even have a 360.

VersusEM3119d ago

I'm hoping for a awesome brand new RPG. Mind you not an rpg from some old or new series, just a brand new rpg with a good dark story, battle system and something that brings something new to the table.

AH, it's fun to dream or is it.

Kyosuke_Sanada3119d ago

Demon Souls sounds like the game for you unless you've already finished it.

Enate3119d ago

To my understanding though I have not played Demon Souls as of yet. Is that it lacks a major story element and barely has one at all.

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