Ripten Review: Red Dead Redemption

From Ripten: When I was a child, I could only imagine a game which allowed me to truly explore the Wild West. With the release of Red Dead Redemption, can my dreams have possibly come true?

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Sandwich Bender3123d ago

I couldn't agree more. I've put 20 hours in the game now, mostly in side quests, and I'm completely taken.

Nostradavis3123d ago

I've only played it for about 2 hours. A bit of single player but most of it was online. It's fun and I'm looking forward to playing it some more as soon as I wrap up Alan Wake.

ZBlacktt3123d ago

I'm at 28 hours myself with TONS more to do. This is what I love about Rockstars games. They are 10 times the value for your money. A epic story and beautiful graphic's are just icing on the cake. The game just gets better and better the more you play. Because it's all so random out there in the wild west, lol.