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When it was first unveiled, Record of Agarest War confused some because of the high-level of sexuality the game seemed to portray. With erotic women lying all over the game's cover and seemingly making love to your eyes, the marketing department certainly got your attention. While the game does feature some bountiful beauties, Agarest War does feature a slight element of dating sim games, but the heart of the title is more inline with traditional SRPGs like Spectral Souls and Final Fantasy Tactics. To create a unique spin for the genre, during your lengthy quest you will build relationships with the girls in your party and, eventually, you'll have to perform the good deed with the woman that feels strongly for you. The child will be the main hero of the next generation of the game, which makes the storyline quite enthralling.

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Leupac3123d ago

I really enjoyed this game, great review

ClownBelt3123d ago

I would have bought this if it was a disc game.

MattyF3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

It is for the Xbox 360. Only the PS3 is PSN-only.