Activison Continuing to Push Treyarch to Replace Infinity Ward

In a column on Mark Lamia, head of Activison studio Treyarch, states that Treyarch is “a 100% Call of Duty studio”. The developer has long-worked under Activison making numerous games but with the almost Viking-like ejectons of the execs at Infinity Ward the folks at Treyarch are being forced into this position but neither Treyarch or Activison would ever say that.

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dangert123061d ago

you can't replace some with some who was already there working in the same genre or even same game franchise

vhero3060d ago

The fact is activision will still sell millions of Treyarchs game because the buyers of the games are fools who buy games based on title these days rather than quality.

8thnightvolley3061d ago

i feel sad for these guys..

Dellis3060d ago

IW were pissed off at these guys when they were there

DarkSpawnClone3060d ago

i liked both IW and Treyarch but iw cod4 is the best cod imo now my favorite cod is cod2 big red one i really enjoy cod 2 i would play it again but imo cod started going down hill after that cod3 sucked 4 was good 5 was ok i liked it mw2 would be good with out all the glitches and stupid perks and kill streeks the maps are too small too much camping , i have all the cod games 1 to mw2 idk if i should get black oops or not i wana wait to see game play and reviews first not a day 1 for me , rather have kz3 or swbf3 bfbc2 ect

ssbains3060d ago

Treyarch was always second best compared to Infinity Ward ... long live Respawn ... the original Infinity Ward

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