Dear Apple, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft

Right now, you all might be digging your own holes.

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Forbidden_Darkness3094d ago

Sony is building an empire, they just had to first build their underground passage ways, but now there starting to build toward the sky and outwards toward the horizon...

Forbidden_Darkness3094d ago

Ok, let me say it im more understandable terms....

The passage ways = Sony was in the hole at the starting, trying to get their feet planted, winning the blu-ray vs. hd dvd race, getting the games to show how powerful the console is and ect. It's where all their secret projects are worked on before being reveiled (PS Move, Firmware updates ect.

Building the empire toward the sky = Now that sony has it's feet planted, now it can now start building up from what they have so far, making it even better and improving.

Expanding towards the horizon = Means exactly that, expanding on what they started with, adding more things to the PS3 that makes it an all around better gaming console and entertainment machine.

BlackKnight3094d ago


Dude I have seen fanboyism but that's on the verge of creepy cult talk right there.

Kinda freaky, just sayin.

corneliuscrust3094d ago

they are a corp. they make products we enjoy. that's as far as it should go, really.

RememberThe3573094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

I love Sony products but when companies get too big quality suffers. Whoever is at the top will fal, that is how it works. I want to see them to stay focused on delivering the best products they can. Let Apple and Microsoft fight over who's biggest.

EDIT: I have to say something else. Nintendo better not be the only company investigating these suicides... This whole situation is f*cked, and these companies are the only ones who can fix it.

Millah3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

Let Apple and Microsoft fight?

Last time I checked, Sony was a hell of a lot bigger than either of them. Sony has 170k+ employees while Apple has 36k and Microsoft has 90k.

Sony is in movies, record labels, TVs, computers, media players, gaming, cameras, etc etc etc.

I don't think there's even a fight to be had there, nor is Apple even remotely interested in fighting that. Microsoft, maybe.

DeltaZ3R053094d ago

now i don't want to buy any products from them, i am not going to buy
a product that involves some one dying due to bad working conditions. (this is modern slavery)

qface643094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

still what does that have to do with this article?
am i missing something here?
guess i am

LordMarius3094d ago

you are missing the point that Sony is awesome and they can do no wrong

qface643094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

you are missing my point in that IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ARTICLE
unless im missing something here i don't see how what he said is relevant here?

what am i missing?

UnSelf3094d ago

you're missing the fact that reading articles is superfrulous and antiquated

sikbeta3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

You're missing the Fact that I didn't Read the "article" (cos it's tooltaku) and by reading some comments, IDK WTF is going on?

NVM, well seems like Foxconn, the Comp. that manufacture parts for every piece of technology (they make stuff for ASUS too and others) it's like the old-slave Days, now every-1 is like "OMG" but this kind of "treatment" to their employees is old, they [Foxconn] had problems before cos of that and now there is more exposure cos of the Suicides

IDK WTF N, Sony and MS got to do with this cos if this site Wants to Call Out Companies that work with Foxconn, they need to call a lot more Electronic Manufacturers like, Intel, DELL, HP and so on...

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beardpapa3094d ago

Eh why they even bring Apple to this article. They're not even serious about gaming. They've never been. They appear like they're more into targeting the mobile casuals. I think the companies that are really putting their resources to gaming are the obvious nintendo, sony, and Microsoft.

mcgrawgamer3094d ago

read the article please....

beardpapa3094d ago

The issue with the Foxconn suicides isn't even entirely related to those four companies, just more or less Sony and Apple. What I don't agree with the title is that with the gaming issue a month ago, it's like now we have to bring apple to the equation when we mention the obvious gaming companies. Apple shouldn't have to be in the same sentence with the three words Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft.

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Otheros003094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

sssuuuurrrre like they can make a knock-off of the cell processor.

Ocelot5253094d ago

slavery or expensive electronics, what do you choose?(agree=slavery,disagree =fair wages & expensive electronics)

Otheros003094d ago

what would be your reply if someone said both?

IcarusOne3094d ago

I would happily pay more for the things I love if it meant better wages and lives for these people. I've seen the way they live and it's miserable and heartbreaking. If you have a heart. And not a cold frozen piece of cynisism.

To all the comments regarding Apple or how great Sony is... You've completely missed the point. Either that or you're just callous assholes. Try giving a shit about something other than your own narcisistic materialism.

Ryuha1234h3094d ago

What does Apple have to do with gaming?

waltercross3094d ago

You didn't hear about the new Apple gaming console coming out? yeah me either!.

Godmars2903094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

We can't just keep on building on the cheap, selling what the market will bear while trying to wring every drop of profit.

You know China just announced an iPad clone called an iPod, right?

Yeah, like I or the Chinese actually care what the actual name is...

Otheros003094d ago

apple makes both the ipad and ipod. iped is the china clone of the ipad.

webeblazing3094d ago

that made my day comment of the day bubbs for both lmao

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