Odd Gaming Duos

Games take risks, whether it's a male or female lead character, gaming duos such as Mario and Lugi, Sam and Max to even Kane and Lynch. Some of these are odd if you look at it. Here is a lit of odd gaming duos.

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Palodios2756d ago

You know what would have helped this list? Minsc and Boo!

GUCommander2756d ago

Mario and Luigi are odd through and through. They are italian plumbers who take on epic quests to save a princess time and time again.

Ziriux2756d ago

... to only never get any booty.

iseven2756d ago

my faves are sonic and tails

Ziriux2756d ago

Their a quirky bunch.

gameseveryday2756d ago

To be honest I dont care about duos. I care only abt the game play.

UnSelf2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

me too

good thing we're the only 2 gamers in the world who does

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