Worst Peripherals and Add-Ons for Consoles

Craig Hasselback writes: "Microsoft’s Project Natal (or Wave, depending on who you ask) and Sony’s Move both share one major similarity despite many differences in technology and hardware. They’re both add-on peripherals that aim to change the history of video game. We’re not talking about the interactive abilities of either or even the games they may introduce, but instead the history they intend to change is the complete failure of video game peripherals. Historically gaming peripherals are, for lack of a better term, complete and utter failures that litter the roadway of the industry. While Microsoft and Sony work towards changing the perception of add-ons, we’re looking at the worst peripherals up until now. Hopefully neither the Natal nor Move ever make our future lists years from now."

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vgn243093d ago

I actually liked the Activator on Mega Drive. Now the bloody Hawk board was rubbish!

wxer3093d ago

is it me or most of those are actually motion controlling stuff

3/5 at least

qface643093d ago

where was the sega cd? was that not an add on or the 32x

vgn243093d ago

I think the Jaguar CD was A LOT worse than the Sega CD. If you listed the Sega CD, you'd end up listing NEO GEO's add-on TG16's add-on and on and on. Looks like different devices.

hoops3093d ago

Sega CD and 32X were the worst. Both of them needed a extra power adapter and the graphics for them were the same as the old system.
It was even worse then the Japan only release of N64DD

mindedone3093d ago

no one can deny that Sonic CD was one of the best Sonic games ever created...too bad not many people played it. And 32x+Sonic and Knuckles+any other game = TOWER OF AWESOMENESS, kinda

Myze3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

Sega CD was also the original home of two of the better RPGs ever made, Lunar 1 and 2. It also had some other really good RPGs (or SRPGs), like Vay and Dark Wizard.

The 32X, on the other hand, had MAYBE one or two good games, and I'm not sure it had any "great" games. Of course, there weren't many games released for it in the first place, especially once the Saturn was released, which was superior in every way. The thing also claimed to be the first 32-bit system, but the graphics weren't all that much better than the Genesis and SNES. It was overpriced, had many hardware problems, and only had 39 games ever released (less in countries outside of the US).

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ThanatosDMC3093d ago

The fat old gameboys' magnifying glass and light was ridiculous.

GunShotEddy3093d ago

BS. Everyone says TH: Ride sucks, but maybe you were just bad at it. These guys think skate is better than the TH series?

VG_Releaser3093d ago

Let me make sure I have this right; you believe that skate is an inferior series to Tony Hawk? skate is 10 times better than TH is (now) which is why Activision has the series on hiatus. The Hawk games were once great, but have been on a decline since last-gen.

Greywulf3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

Anyone that disagrees is literally admitting that they like to sleep with animals.

Rucury3093d ago

"Anyone that disagrees is literally admitting that they like to sleep with animals."

Has there ever been a better line for which to scare people into not pressing the disagree button?

Please post them. I am having a good day.

Syaz13093d ago

lame ass replies. th ride is king of skateboard games! skate is just a rip off of the tony hawk series. th ride evolved the skating games genre with skate board peripheral, every skate sequel is the same stuff as the predecessor, no new stuff added to it, a total rehash! it's also tony hawks dudes, he's the man!


jphelps803093d ago

Nintendo haters. Come on.

Alcon Caper3093d ago

wasn't there a crappy 3d head set they made for nintendo?

where's that?


vgn243093d ago

It does seem a little bias against Nintendo. Even the Super Scope gets a mention. That wasn't bad.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

Well, he didn't mention PS Eye, so....

Actually is Move and PS eye. Both will have games for each one.

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