Joystiq: Call of Duty: Black Ops first impressions, screenshots

While Black Ops isn't the next "Modern Warfare" game, this is a modern warfare title. The seemingly short jump from World War II's 1940s setting to the Cold War of the 1960s might not sound like much, but it's brought Treyarch's game into the modern era in a big way.

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peeps3093d ago

actually looking frwd to this despite being let down by mw2. I actually think Treyarch will learn from the mistakes IW made. In fact it seems they've already learned from a big mistake, and that is that the pc version will have dedicated servers! Just watched the latest interview on gametrailers and he adds that little bit on info in at the end.

karl3093d ago

the problem is that competitive games need to have update.. NO DLC. UPDATES
to keep balancing the game once its out there.... fixing exploits etc..

and that wont happens since activition will make them work on the next COD GAME just one week after release

3093d ago