Red Dead Redemption’s Morality Scale

Gunaxin writes: "We at Gunaxin think a historical comparison is in order. Integral to the game-play of Red Dead Redemption is a feature called the morality system. The point of the morality system is to either award or take away ‘honor’ points based on decisions you make as outlaw-protagonist John Marston. For example, if you merely beat the ever-loving crap out of a mangy scoundrel instead of capping him with your Colt revolver, you gain positive honor. If you eat your horse instead of ride him, negative honor. Here’s a speculative unfolding of how we think The Wild West’s greatest men would fare against Red Dead Redemption’s morality system during a typical day in their lives."

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cb8103007d ago

That's good stuff... Don't mess with Anton Chigurh

ThanatosDMC3007d ago

Just wear a bandana and you dont have to worry about anything or anyone you shoot at... except marshals.

Hitman07693007d ago

Haha, very funny and true.

FarEastOrient3007d ago

They forgot Zorro, where does Zorro fit on this list. Clint Eastwood, geez your score is high can anyone beat that?

Ziriux3007d ago

This game makes me twinkle my toes.

Valay3007d ago

I've got to hand it to Red Dead Redemption - It's impressive.

GUCommander3007d ago

Red Dead Redemption has Morality? :P

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The story is too old to be commented.