Devil May Cry 4: New characters

Devil May Cry 4 has been unveiled a bit more via the presentation of 3 new characters: Agnus, Credo and Gloria.

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Ebay3rd3803d ago

I can't wait till this drops, DMC is fun as hell...

Xeoset3803d ago

Can't wait too pop this game into the old 360. Hopefully we get some good DLC, Microsoft loves pumping that stuff out.

MK_Red3803d ago

Good find. I seriously hope DMC4 is like part 1 or 3. Not the abysmal (MIO) DMC2.
Hope those characters have a great and meaningfull role.


Down a bit for this game, since Sony Fans have found out
it won't be exclusive anymore

Should still be an excellent game, and the characters look great
a little metro for my tastes. but this is Devil May Cry

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The story is too old to be commented.