A Shot in the Arm: Keyboards and Rock Band 3

GameZone's Steven Hopper writes,

"However, the biggest issue that Rock Band 3 and its alleged new keyboard peripheral might face is instrument burnout. At this point, many a gamer’s living room is cluttered with all manner of plastic toy guitars, drumsets and microphones and even turntables from games like Guitar Hero, Lips, Rock Band, DJ Hero, and so on. Finding a place for all these “instruments” is a tough feat, and I personally have devoted more than enough closet space to all manner of peripherals, and should Rock Band 3 offer up a new keyboard peripheral, that space will get even more slim. "

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athmaus3097d ago

i think it will be interesting to see :)

TheSanchezDavid3097d ago

Should be an interesting addition to an already great music series. After all, they were bound to keep releasing games, so why not add to it as opposed to just leaving the same instruments? It'll be very intriguing to see the new keyboard peripheral in action.

stewie328873097d ago

You need only listen the Final Countdown to understand why addings keyboards to just about anything is a bad idea.

barefootgamer3097d ago

Hey, I actually liked The Final Countdown... back in the 80s. ;)

Caspel3097d ago

it's going to turn into Rock Band: Coldplay

AlexC3097d ago

I'm done with the virtual music genre... I'm glad they're adding new peripherals for those who're still into Rock Band, but I'm going to have to pass.

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