Jagged Alliance 3 E3 2007 Trailer

The quirky mercenaries are back in 3D.

Jagged Alliance is a series of tactical PC games that were popular in the 1990s. The series features a unique blend of turn-based small-arm battle simulation and role-playing. Players assemble and manage a squad of mercenaries to take on various contracts and missions. The jobs can include assassination, demolition, escort, extraction, protection, reconnaissance, and other duties.

Each mercenary has a unique personality, (which can range from mildly eccentric to seriously disturbed - but they are all dramatic,) different traits, strengths and weaknesses, and likes and dislikes. As the story progresses, players can hire and fire mercenaries, and the mercenaries themselves grow and form relationships with other mercenaries. Those quirky fellas love to chatter, argue, offer their perspectives and make witty, humorous remarks during the game and firefights.

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