Nintendo announces Pokemon Black and White for North America

Nintendo has just announced Pokemon Black/White for North America. A time table for the game's release as well as which Pokemon will be featured on each box has been revealed.

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Valay2735d ago

I'm very surprised they announced this now. It's basically a year away and they didn't save this for E3.

Ziriux2735d ago

Yea you'd think they'd have something surprising for once.

GUCommander2735d ago

Didn't they just come out with another pokemon?

kingdavid2734d ago

They release pokemon games pretty much every year now. BAre in mind, this is coming in spring 2011.

Diamond and Pearl 07
Platinum 09
Soul silver/ heart gold 10
Black and white 11

THeyre quite quick devs!

Ziriux2735d ago

I now announce I'm gay as a rainbow.

fatstarr2734d ago

LOl i pray its on the 3ds.
and idk why i replied to this.

Rucury2735d ago

Nintendo Everything is freaking me out.

I mean, how do they get so much news? It's like they have moles planted in every Nintendo Office.

This is how I think it goes:

Shigeru Miyamoto: "The new Zelda will now feature a girl Link!"
2 seconds later
NintendoEverything Mole: (Opens laptop).... ( "Bam."

kingdavid2734d ago

Nintendo.. It only does everything

fatstarr2734d ago

its a good website currently i cant access it so it must be getting major traffic right now

kesvalk2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

never saw it coming ¬¬