Vandal Online: Alpha Protocol Review

Alpha Protocol is a great game, that perhaps does not arrive with all the sense of expectancy that deserves, and that can indeed be considered one of the covered ones of this year by this. The bet of Obsidian and Sega is risky and brave, trying to synthesize several sorts in a game with action, exploration, roll and freedom of movement, that remains far from titles like Metal Gear or Splinter Cell concerning narrative kinematics of story, but ridicules that them in freedom of action and at the time of giving the sensation us of being a spy.

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N4BmpS3095d ago

Finally a review this game has been in the shadows for a while, I'm glad to see it hit store shelves. It's one RPG I'm chomping at the bit to get my hands on. Now I shall read.

playstation_clan3095d ago

i dont know, i might rent first

Tony P3095d ago

Have to wait a few more days. In a rare occurrence, I think the US gets it last.

peeps3095d ago

getting such mixed reviews. glad i waited tbh because it looked intestesting but i predicted it would either be really good or really bad.

gametrailers review summed things up nicely giving it an 8.8 for story, 8 for design but 4.7 for gameplay and 5.7 for presentation. Basically saying it has some good idea's and if you look past all it's flaws you may get some enjoyment out of it, but it's a hard game to recommend.

i was hoping for mass effect meets tactical espionage but unfortunately it looks like they didn't quite finish the vision they set out to create.

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