Should Treyarch Fear An End Similar To Infinity Ward?

It's no doubt the latest title in the Call of Duty franchise will be successful. But with that extreme success comes a lot of money. So should Treyarch be worried about their legal contracts with Activision on how that money will get dispersed?

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Kingdom Come3096d ago

What a stupid article, Infinity Ward ended up in the position they are through the firing of two founding members du to their breaking of the terms of their contract with Activision, and whilst I'm on their side, they did bring it on theirselves.

NewNameNow3096d ago

It's all a matter of money

N4GAddict3095d ago

It's always about the $

Volomon3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

I'm honestly not sure how Activision has fooled you into believing that looking for a new job or opening up contacts is against their contract. It's what you do when you don't like the job your in. You've never in your life looked for a new job? I have a hard time believing anyone hasn't, you also think this would be in a contract: You may never look for a new job, nor give anyone else hope of finding a new job or talk to anyone about your social life or expecting to get a new job. That's legit to you? What Activision has said is they have done something against the morals of the company, but think about it for a second a WHOLE second, does it sound that way to you? Activision has basically said what they have done is create a subversive element in the workplace aka: Talking about getting the hell out of there. If your being whipped by a slave master, and say shit I hate being whipped, you consider this subversive? I'm often not shocked by the mental processes people seem to use in thinking. It's also amazing how many people have read their contract and know enough legal terms to make it out. Amazing.

I also know that Activision promised millions after selling X amount of copies. Who then later decided to only give it out if they finish COD:MW 1043. If anyone is breaking a contract it is Activision by withholding promised bonuses and attempting to put a condition of forced labor in order to receive it.

NewNameNow3095d ago

I suppose not but my question was simple, do you think Treyarch is gonna get fucked over too.

jack_burt0n3096d ago

U betcha sell millions expect a bonus and get forcibly removed from your office by a private security company LMFAO.

N4GAddict3095d ago

Treyarch aren't as sought after as IW

RememberThe3573095d ago

Yreyarch are kind of Activisions little b*tch. Whatever Acti wants Acti will get.

crapgamer3095d ago

To be fair, COD WaW sold like 10 million copies, which is a lot and already made a lot of money. Trearch is actually listening to what the gamers want and so this should be a solid effort from them. I think this is their real chance to get out of the Infinity Ward shadow and make their own name.
No danger of anything happening to these guys.

T9X693095d ago

I agree, Treyarch is so much better than IW on so many levels. The only problem is Treyarch has stuck to WW2 games and gamers are sick of them, so MW overshadows Treyarch's superior work. Treyarch makes real war games with blood and gore, where IW makes war games were money flies out of your head.

Magnus3095d ago

I read the article and I am reminded of a saying that I am sure everyone has heard before. And that saying is history has away of repeating itself

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