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Alcon Caper3070d ago

Many of these shots are absolutely beautiful.

StanLee3070d ago

I'm really excited for this game. Modern Warfare 2 sort of soured me on the Call of Duty franchise but Black Ops really looks interesting.

Alcon Caper3070d ago

actually, i think it looks pretty much exactly the same as mw2 but in the 70's.

MerkinMax3070d ago

The effects Treyarch added in World at War were great looking. Softer shadows (not jaggie like MW and MW2), water with real time reflections (also missing from MW and MW2) and great particle and smoke/fire/explosion effects. They created a great atmosphere in World at War and I am sure they can continue that into Black Ops.

lovestospoodge3070d ago

much better shawdow effects than mw2, but its kind of shooting yourself in the foot releasing screenshots the same time kz3 is

Dellis3070d ago

Looks exactly like MW2 quality, its time for a new engine...

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The story is too old to be commented.