Destructoid Alpha Protocol Review

Destructoid writes: Your weapon is choice. That's what Alpha Protocol proudly declares in this spy RPG with more than a shade of Mass Effect about it. Developed by the fine folk at Obsidian, Alpha Protocol has been a most promising prospect since it was first revealed, and the mixture of choice-laden RPG with secret agent shenanigans made for quite the irresistible cocktail.

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saint_john_paul_ii2855d ago

Destructoid= the laughing stock of the game industry.

TheHater2855d ago

Why are you even considering them part of the gaming industry. For comparison sake, yahoo is more part of the gaming industry than these fools.

movements2855d ago

Say what you will about D'toid but they're more connected than many sites.

And way more popular than some of you tend to think.

That's a low score dude!

deadreckoning6662855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

I usually agree with Destructoid's reviews...but THIS? This is a joke! This is way worse than the AC2 review. It got a 4.5, I bought it anyways, and I think its the best action-adventure game this gen.

Information Minister2855d ago

Oh dear... I better get back to Deadly Premonition./s

dgroundwater2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Did the Info Minister make a joke about us Zach? Oh well. He probably never played our game anyway. Nor have you played Alpha Protocol.

hatchimatchi2855d ago

deadly premonition is awesome.

Ashta2855d ago

Destructoid is one of the largest and most visited gaming sites on the net. Also, as far as the "industry" goes, Destructoid has been one of the most active and respectful sites to exist. Just because they aren't afraid to give a bad game a bad score the troll market (that would be you) has erroneously decided to just label them as a laughing stock.

Joystiq panned the game as well. Are they laughing stocks too? I suppose the next site to rate down a game that "you" might like will also become laughing stocks too, right?

Grow up.

nycredude2855d ago

Yeah sure. I am sure people aren't going there for teh gaming news cause the place is a cess pool of satire and unwitty humor. I don't care how bad a game is a 2/10 is stupid.

Christopher2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Don't need to read the review to know Jim Sterling reviewed this. Sorry, but Destructoid isn't the laughing stock, he is. He lets his emotions, bias and what he thinks games should be rather than what they are get in the way of making worthwhile reviews.

Jim did the same thing with AC2, which is far from a 4.5/10 game. And his Heavy Rain review was a diatribe on how he felt the game felt too much like an attempt at making an interactive movie rather than a video game.

As far as Destructoid's popularity, Jim gets the fanboy and irate rant hits while the rest of the team actually provides news we like to read about.

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Abash2855d ago

Jim Sterling tries way too hard.

The score he gave is more appropriate to be given to his ability to review games, or rather his lack of ability.

darren_poolies2855d ago

Very well said, bubbles for you sir. :)

BeaArthur2855d ago

Any game that can function properly shouldn't get anything below a 4.

Cold 20002855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Are these guys on meta ?

edit: wow, in that case I think devs shoudnt even send them a review copy.

Pennywise2855d ago

They are on Meta which is the #1 reason Metacritic is a joke.

Greywulf2855d ago

lol I remember when PS3 fans said metacritic is a joke, but were quickly told to shutup about it and that its crying and complaining. It "JUST AvERaGES SITES IDIOTS!" Thank GOD this is happening to the 360 audience, now you guys can see how retarded aggregate sites are, how "AAA OR FLOP" doesn't matter etc. Maybe one day you guys can get back to gaming, instead of letting the media divide people with who is "winning"

Metacritic is garbage, yet Microsoft themselves used to quote them back before their games stopped hitting the mark.

jetlian2855d ago

you speak as if this was a 360 exclusive

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BYE2855d ago

You gotta love Sega for taking risks like that, hopefully it will do well in sales.

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